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Dolphin Cove Weyr

Volcano Wing (Queens)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
Cyradis 44 Weyrwoman Panitath Gold Suzee
Nidre 32 Weyrwoman's Second Jossenth Gold Duskdog
B'nell 30 Wingsecond Vorath Brown Halyonix
Irrkali 53 Wingthird Jeath Green Avery
A'shel 21 Wingrider Himarth Blue Len
Oria 26 Wingrider Degrorth Green Emma
Ciara 45 Wingrider Ellianith Green Suzee
E'tariax 47 Wingrider Aphirith Green Sia
L'saz 21 Wingrider Faelath Green Curious
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Hurricane Wing (Weyrleader's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
N'vanik 40 Weyrleader Loseth Bronze Devin
A'kades 49 Weyrsecond Volaith Bronze Avery
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
M'trel 28 Wingthird Noruith Brown Halyonix
Y'gel 54 Weyrdragonhealer Aughashyth Bronze Suzee
J'ackt 22 Wingrider Zith Bronze Miriah
K'don 16 Wingrider Maciath Brown Aaron
N'ki 40 Wingrider Veriath Blue Len
T'lin 22 Wingrider Calaroth Blue Devin
V'con 27 Wingrider Cacholetyth Blue Emma
A'dryn 21 Wingrider Nalarith Green Devin
A'vel 22 Wingrider Tsogath Green Avery
Dysali 23 Wingrider Lillyth Green Clancey
Pierka 21 Wingrider Liddith Green Suzee
Rondera 19 Wingrider Sarahth Green Emma
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Cyclone Wing

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
M'gan 56 Wingleader Isarth Bronze Estelle
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
L'cor 23 Wingrider Tonuth Bronze Suzee
I'lan 24 Wingrider Naath Bronze Emma
E'ron 22 Wingrider Feykenth Blue Jacob
V'rel 20 Wingrider Rymeth Blue Avery
Alina 21 Wingrider Imarith Green Yvonne
Cortana 26 Wingrider Anath Green Wendi
Cosani 22 Wingrider Shalith Green Devin
Iskara 23 Wingrider Hylith Green Estelle
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Rapids Wing (Formerly RBW)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
S'kand 47 Wingleader Jagobroth Bronze Aaron
Z'ku 23 Wingsecond Xemroth Bronze Devin
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
R'kehr 22 Wingrider Thadath Bronze Avery
L'ris 22 Wingrider Tyerth Brown Suzee
R'fal 19 Wingrider Marlath Brown Estelle
I'rad 16 Wingrider Echovath Blue Avery
Aviday 16 Wingrider Kobeth Green Miriah
Reyela 19 Wingrider Brandith Green Yvonne
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Lightning Wing (retirees)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Tsunami Wing (Weyrlings)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
R'lor 46 Weyrlingmaster Kularth Blue Devin
Sh'del 42 Weyrlingmaster Second Loranth Brown Len
J'lor 34 Weyrlingmaster Third Luruth Blue Suzee
R'ayl 13 Weyrlingstaff Assistant Delorth Blue Estelle
OPEN   Weyrlingstaff Assistant     Create
Ç'pier 23 Senior Weyrling Yuliuth Brown Aaron
OPEN   Senior Weyrling     Create
C'rand 19 Junior Weyrling Berlinarth Brown Duskdog
O'rosin 20 Junior Weyrling Aeoluth Brown Sia
B'lyse 19 Junior Weyrling Azureth Blue Aaron
O'dyn 14 Junior Weyrling Genireth Blue Halyonix
R'fayne 18 Junior Weyrling Skadith Blue Iluva
Tirraze 18 Junior Weyrling Riamorth Blue Aaron
L’fael 21 Junior Weyrling Sojanth Green Len
Saedyna 18 Junior Weyrling Avarith Green Devin
V'tian 15 Junior Weyrling Indith Green Steel
OPEN   Junior Weyrling     Create

Adoptable Riders Wing

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
M'calk 69 Wingrider Rueath Brown Adopt
C'dinin 51 Wingrider Terebinth Blue Adopt
B'rail 47 Wingrider Kazuth Blue Adopt
E'ril 43 Wingrider Dawenth Blue Adopt
A'rie 48 Wingrider Saryeth Green Adopt
Ameala 25 Wingrider Ingoth Green Adopt
Cherlyn 25 Wingrider Lueanth Green Adopt
Doria 17 Wingrider Naceth Green Adopt
Malyna 22 Wingrider Cayleryth Green Adopt
Oniya 21 Wingrider Sarlenth Green Adopt
So'nji 24 Wingrider Nikith Green Adopt
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

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