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Persona Profile: A'vel

Writer: Avery

Name: A'vel
Age: 22
Birthday: m5 d12
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (June 2017)

Physical Description of Persona:
A'vel was always small for his age, and has finally accepted that he likely won't grow any taller and that he's stuck at 5'3. His voice has matured into a pleasant light tenor. He has blonde hair that falls into his eyes and curls over his ears. He has large blue eyes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A'vel is a thoughtful and observant young man, good at noticing small details. He's good at caring for other people emotionally, noticing when things are wrong and stepping in to do something about it if he can. likes to socialize, but he tends to be in the periphery of a crowd rather than at the center.

A'vel has always been a bit of a dreamer. He has a rich inner world in his head that he uses to entertain himself, or to retreat into when things are rough. He used to daydream about becoming famous around the whole Southern Continent as a hero. Now he doesn't want to be a hero anymore. He's turning his imagination to how to do the best job of being a dragonrider that he can and make a lasting difference in the Weyr.

A'vel was bullied a lot as the smallest boy with the famous dad, so he learned the ability to make people laugh. He found out early as his peers bullied him that if he resisted them, they just picked on him harder but if he could make them laugh, he could be fit in This has become his defense mechanism - A'vel just finds a way to make a joke and hide what he is really feeling inside.

History of Persona:
Favelance was born to a Sr. Journeyman harper and his wife at the Harper Hall. His father was destined for great things, and by the time Favelance was five turns old, his father was already a master composer. The young man felt forever identified as "Faveron's boy".

The young boy wanted nothing more than to get out from his father's shadow, but as his only son, it was expected that Favelance would follow in his father's rather imposing footsteps. It was not even discussed or questioned when his harper classes finished that he be enrolled in the Hall as an apprentice.

Favelance was never noticed by a Search dragon while he was at the Weyr, and when the Harper Hall returned to Emerald Falls he resigned himself to continuing under his father's shadow. But now in a twist of fate, a Search dragon has noticed him.

A'vel Impressed to green Tsogath his first time Standing. In response his parents cut him out of their lives. He threw himself into the studies and work of weyrlinghood in order to distract himself from the pain. He worked hard enough to attract the Weyrleader's attention and be placed in his wing after graduation, an honor A'vel is thrilled to receive.

Family and Friends
Faveron, 52, Master Harper (Father)
Tiralanci, 48, Hall resident (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Tsogath
Dragon's Age: 3
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Tsogath is predominantly a bright green like new spring grass, but there are darker patterns on her muzzle and limbs that are like the banding of sun and shadow. She is on the smaller end of the size range at just over 21 feet.

Tsogath is a cheerful dragonet, very positive about the world around her and interested in others. She has a tendency towards being a class clown to amuse other dragons and cheer her rider. She approaches the world with curiosity, but like many green dragons, her memory is not very good.

Approved: October 30th 2005
Last updated: November 9th 2017

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