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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

April 4th 2024

Turn 10

Naradis convinces K'don to take her to Dragonsfall so she can talk to bluerider weyrling Kadira and it escalates into an argument. Ishath gets upset enough that he almost goes /between/ and Kadira and Naradis have to be separated.

A very upset K'don goes to R'lor and explains his part in the incident, feeling guilty that he couldn't stop things before it turned dangerous. Cyradis summons K'don to her office after Maciath reports what happened, and she learns about the argument between Naradis and Kadira from him.

The Dragonsfall Weyrwoman comes to Cyradis to discuss the incident and the actions of Naradis and K'don at her Weyr. While at Dolphin Cove, she also explains what happened to A'kades, Kadira's father. Understandably, he's very upset.

Cyradis asks N'vanik to be the calm one when she speaks to Naradis, torn between being her mother and the Weyrwoman. She calls Naradis in and starts off comforting her, but when Naradis refuses to apologize, Cyradis gets upset and Panitath calls for N'vanik. He struggles to stay calm as they try to discus things with Naradis. Cyradis eventually sends her to one of the seaside weyrs to cool down and think about what she did. While she's there, R'lor comes to speak with her and Naradis explains her fear that she can't impress because she likes women.

R'lor goes to the Weyrleaders to defend K'don and Naradis. Thankfully they aren't upset at the brownrider. R'lor suggests punishments as well as help for Naradis. After the meeting, Cyradis faints and N'vanik calls in a healer to check on her.

K'don speaks with Naradis, trying to understand why things went so wrong at Dragonsfall. She tells him to leave. Her thoughts turn dangerous toward herself, but she steps back from the (literal) ledge. Her brother arrives from Barrier Lake and she confides in him.

At the Hatching, R'lor is left to manage the new weyrling pairs. Fresh meat has to be cut up to replace what was poisoned, so the riders have to control and comfort their hungry lifemates.

The day after the Hatching, Cosani comes to congratulate her friend Reyela. Y'gel speaks to Reyela about starting her training as a Dragonhealer. Reyela leads a trio in drills, but a brownrider makes trouble.

N'vanik talks to J'ackt about J'ackt's children and his insistence that he have surgery so he can never father any others.

A mindhealer speaks with the prisoner Enali and shares what he learns with the Weyrleaders. N'vanik visits Enali and they talk about her actions and her pregnancy. Enali has a difficult, unwanted birth. N'vanik names the baby boy and Briata takes the child to raise him.

Shuvan, one of the leaders behind the poisoning at the Hatching, is captured. During his arrest, he murders a dragonrider. The Weyrleaders and J'ackt question him, but Shuvan refuses to give names. Cyradis washes her hands of him, leaving the bronzeriders to take their revenge.

J'nic comes from Barrier Lake to consult with R'lor about being a Weyrlingmaster Third. L'saz confides in R'lor that he bribed a Searchrider to bring him to the Weyr and that he told his family he Impressed bronze, not green. Oriene discusses her indecision between being a rider and a Dolphineer with R'lor. Blue meets with R'lor and does his best to understand what the Weyrlingmaster Third is saying.

Z'ku tells his weyrmate Pierka about his promotion to Wingsecond. Z'ku and S'kand discuss the upcoming Weyr Games and how to balance the responsibility of rank with having a family. While M'gan is injured, he decides to finally tell R'kehr that he's likely his father.

The Weyrwoman promotes Alyena to Headwoman's Assistant. Cyradis gives birth to her baby and uses part of N'vanik's name for her new son.

Pierce fulfills his obligation to "take care" of a Candidate who's threatening to expose Ay'ell and blames the crime on a weyr-hating conspirator. The Weyrleader and R'lor speak with him in the infirmary. Calbarran, a guard whose lover was murdered during the capture of Shuvan, asks to lead the investigation. That night, the stress of yet another attack causes N'vanik to have a breakdown. Saedyna, the Candidate Pierce tried to kill, unexpectedly wakes up but doesn't remember what happened.

Turn 11

Alina's laundry goes missing, and it's not the first time. She goes looking but is unable to find her embroidered tunic.

Alidre is excited to train at the Harper Hall on rare instruments, but her mother is worried about her safety.

N'vanik finally tracks down Gil, one of the men involved in the anti-weyr conspiracy, and takes him to Dolphin Cove. Gil claims he didn't know they were going to poison the hatchlings and he gives names of several other people involved. Alyena visits Gil and confesses she gave his name to the Weyrleader.

On his first day as a Weyrlingstaff Assistant, R'ayl is eager to help and R'lor suggests he take up Crafting again. Delorth shows interest in some of the Candidates and R'ayl confirms with T'lin that his blue is a potential Search dragon.

The Weyrleaders are on guard at Santhiath's Hatching, but all goes smoothly. Pierce Impresses brown Yuliuth, who is determined to "save" him.

Panitath is due to Rise soon! Make a Candidate today!

Written by Devin as L1

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