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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

May 9th 2021

N'vanik tells A'kades about the plot against the Weyr and also about Cyradis's pregnancy.

Z'ku reports to K'deren for his first day as temporary Wingsecond, determined to make a good impression.

K'don checks on his brother, who is mourning a loss. Reyela checks on him too.

Brennault returns home and discusses his time at Lavender Run with his family.

R'fal apologizes to J'ackt for what he said about holdless people, and J'ackt gives him some unexpected relationship advice. Alina spies on the kitchens, looking for people who might be working against the Weyr. She and J'ackt go over a list of new arrivals, looking for suspects.

S'kand and Z'ku meet thanks to their dragons, and the two find they have a lot in common. R'lor asks S'kand for advice on how to adjust to the Dolphin Cove climate.

R'lor checks on Furayl after his dizzy spell and they talk about the upcoming Hatching. Furayl meets Talryne in the weaver room and discovers she's the Weyrleader's weyrmate.

T'ner learns that his former wife is planning to move and take their son with her. He decides to move as well and asks his lover to come with him. Z'ku is sad to hear the news that his wingmate is leaving.

Cosani and Reyela make plans to visit a Gather. Reyela is bitten by a tunnelsnake while working in the fields and Alina rushes her back to the Weyr.

Z'ku witnesses Terren drinking on the job and reports the man to his supervisor. Enali uses her wiles on Terren and he agrees to give her information about the Weyr.

Arrilon meets H'run in the archives and helps the Dragonsfall rider in his quest to find information about past blueriders. Arrilon gets an acceptance letter from the Harper Hall.

R'lor meets with Aviday and discovers a way to keep her interested in her weyrlingstaff duties.

M'gan and R'kehr run into each other again and they talk about R'kehr's interest in cooking. M'gan goes to investigate the mysterious starsmith Alina told him about and doesn't find anything amiss, but he's still suspicious.

Written by Devin as L1

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