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Persona Profile: M'gan

Writer: Estelle

Name: M'gan
Age: 56
Birthday: m6 d21
Rank: Wingleader, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (October 2020)

Physical Description of Persona:
M'gan has a tough, muscular build developed over Turns as a dragonrider, and a manner that radiates physical energy and strength. His fair skin, weathered from an outdoor life in the mountains of the High Reaches,shows faint lines around his sharp blue-grey eyes which hint at good humour. His light reddish-brown hair is cut short and threaded with silver. Most comfortable in well-worn riding leathers, he has to be coaxed into smart Gather dress for special occasions.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Weyrbred to his core, M'gan has a reputation as an outspoken man who says what he thinks and doesn't suffer fools, but his bluff personality disguises a keen intelligence and determination to succeed. Ambitious as a young man, he has mellowed with age and the experience of losing friends to Thread and the dangers of a dragonrider's life. He is capable of great loyalty to his Weyr and would do anything for a wingmate.

He has a low tolerance for laziness, hidebound thinking and blind following of tradition, and the hot temper he had as a young man still sometimes flares up. He is usually very apologetic once he's calmed down, especially with younger riders, rarely holds a grudge and mostly forgets about any arguments by the next day.

History of Persona:
M'gan was born at Vista Point to crafter parents and had a happy childhood as a typical mischievous weyrbrat, his only wish being to grow up fast and join the Candidates. He was overjoyed to Impress his bronze Isarth early, when he was thirteen. Brought up on his mother's tales of heroic dragonriders of legend, he grew restless, and never settled to a craft, preferring to compete in wing drills and assist the Weyrlingmaster. He felt stifled by the quiet, unchanging life of the Weyrhold and irritated by what he heard of the more restrictive culture of the Holders, and it was all he could do to stay out of trouble.

Promoted to Wingsecond in his mid-twenties, he found his new duties gave him purpose. As clutches increased in size and new Weyrs began to open up, he threw himself into his work and began to build a reputation as a capable leader, making him a natural choice to take over as Wingleader when a position opened up. When High Reaches Weyr was re-opened, he was chosen to lead a Wing to the North. Not long after, the return of Thread brought excitement but also a sobering dose of reality as friends and wingriders were injured, or worse.

Nine Turns into the Pass, his Weyrleader's bronze suffered a serious injury and wasn't able to contest the senior queen's next flight. M'gan was considered to be a likely bet to replace him, but when the gold rose again, to everyone's surprise it was his Wingsecond's bronze who flew her and became the new Weyrleader. M'gan was faced with switching roles with the younger man so that he'd have a Wing to lead, and despite their close friendship, the inevitable awkwardness of the situation led him to seek a transfer elsewhere. He found a place at Dolphin Cove, hoping that there would be opportunities to lead as riders transferred to the new Weyrhold.

Dragon's Name: Isarth
Dragon's Age: 43
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Isarth's dark bronze hide bears the faded scars of his early Turns fighting Thread, though he has been lucky enough to avoid major injuries. Though he's not as agile as he was in his youth, he has a great deal of stamina and experience has made him wily and sharpened his instincts. He has had an inquisitive streak since he was a hatchling, and enjoys watching the activities of the Weyr from his ledge and gossiping with other dragons, much to his rider's amusement.

Approved: June 6th 2020
Last updated: April 11th 2020

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