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Persona Profile: R'lor

Writer: Devin

Name: R'lor
Age: 46
Birthday: m6 d2
Rank: Weyrlingmaster Third
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Face Claim: Pedro Pascal

Physical Description of Persona:
He has expressive deep brown eyes, light skin, and dark hair. Of average height, with a trim, muscular build that has gone just a little soft. Still adjusting to a tropical location and wanting to appear respectable, he has a tendency to overdress.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Firm when he needs to be, he has a not-so-secret soft side, particularly with children and the youngsters he trains. Devoted to his work with the weyrlings, he’s sometimes in danger of becoming isolated from other weyrfolk. His closest relationships tend to be friendships with other weyrlingstaff or maintaining bonds with riders after they graduate.

Dutiful, but not hidebound, he’s always open to new ideas. New people are more difficult, and it takes him a while to warm up to others. While weyrbred himself, he’s able to empathize with those raised in Holds or Halls, and enjoys counseling them on how to adjust to weyr life.

History of Persona:
Relordyn grew up at Far Island Weyr, the child of a dragonrider and a healer. On his father’s side he comes from a long line of dragonriders and he takes pride in his lineage. Raised by foster parents, his relationship with his birth parents is affectionate but not close. As soon as he was old enough he chose to Stand. Mostly out of a desire to better serve the Weyr, he also apprenticed to a Craft. He almost followed his birth mother into healing, feeling drawn to mindhealing in particular, but ultimately chose the Smithcraft as he enjoyed working with his hands.

At the age of 15 Kularth found him on the Sands. When the clutches started increasing and new Weyrs started opening, he moved to Rising Moons. With the return of Thread he had to set aside his crafting, but it was no great heartbreak. He’s content to leave it as a hobby, occasionally fiddling with a project or working in the forge to clear his head.

R’lor served as a Wingthird until his dragon was injured early in the Pass. During the long, slow recovery, he started helping out with the weyrlings and found to his surprise that he enjoyed the work. He officially became part of the weyrlingstaff and when a position for a Weyrlingmaster Third opened at Dolphin Cove, he made the decision to transfer.

Dragon's Name: Kularth
Dragon's Age: 31
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Kularth is on the smaller side, yet a little more stocky than the average blue. His hide is a medium blue with lighter shading along his claws and toes. Easy-going in personality, but a dedicated worker. He was once a fierce Thread fighter and yearns to join his fellow dragons in ‘Fall.

A severe injury to his right wingjoint left him with thick scarring and permanent damage. For a while it was feared he would never fly again, but he eventually healed enough to regain the ability and is even able to catch greens. Kularth enjoys teaching weyrlings even more than his rider, especially the very young. He has the unfortunate habit—in his rider’s option—of chasing the greens he helps train.

Approved: January 21st 2021
Last updated: January 20th 2021

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