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Persona Profile: Jarril

Writer: Aaron

Name: Jarril
Pronunciation: JARE - ill
Age: 19
Birthday: m4 d3
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Blue is a bit on the short side, and he is slender of build. He is the sort who can eat all day and never gain weight. He has a mop of curly, black hair that covers the tops of his ears. There is a smattering of freckles across his cheeks and nose, and he has striking, bright blue eyes.

He takes any excuse he can to wear hooded shirts. When asked whether it might be too hot for it, he claims he burns easily in the sun.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Blue is a bit like a kicked puppy. He desperately wants to trust, and he craves close contact – physical and emotional – but he is wary of anyone and everyone, except Pierce. Anyone else who wants to get close will have to learn to sign with him, as relying on lip reading is too unreliable for much of a meaningful conversation, and this leaves him frustrated.

He can seem withdrawn, but anyone who manages to see him open up will find that he is actually bright, affectionate, and even excitable under the right circumstances.

New people are always suspect, until he can be sure they are not from his hold or sent out by his hold to find him. Even then, he is reluctant to tell about his past before joining the trading caravan.

History of Persona:
Blue is his chosen name, and no one outside of his home hold knows his given name.

Blue was born “Jarril” at Leeward Lagoon hold, on an island north of the Southern continent's east coast. His father was a diver, who harvested the small undersea mollusks the hold uses to make its signature purple dye, the source of its wealth.

When he was eight Turns old, a firehead outbreak swept through the hold, and he suffered a high fever and a severe ear infection that left him extremely hard of hearing – he cannot make out speech. His mother died of the same illness.

Blue's father arranged for him to learn a sign language from the Harpers, and he learned it as well. He also took in the child of two friends, both of whom also died. However, after his wife's death and his son's loss of hearing, Blue's father sought refuge in drink and became distant and short-tempered with him.

What time he spent sober, he spent it with Blue's foster brother – and when they were old enough, it was he whom Blue's father began to train in the diver's profession, not Blue. Though they had been friends before, Blue's foster brother eventually came to be cruel to him after he moved in with Blue and his father. He had suffered his own trauma and dealt with it by bullying Blue.

Blue had no one else to turn to. None of the other children his age had been interested in learning more than only the most basic signs to communicate with him.

One day when Blue was 17, his father's frustrations with life and work boiled over when Blue misunderstood him over something trivial, and he hit Blue. Soon after, he stowed away on a ship bound for the mainland and began searching for a way to make a living apart from his family and former home.

Blue was lucky to have been discovered by Pierce, another runaway, who had joined a caravan of traders. Unwilling to give his birth name lest he be discovered, Pierce dubbed him ‘Blue’, as his blue eyes were the first thing he noticed about him. Pierce dedicated himself to learning to sign, so he could communicate effectively with Blue, which deeply touched him.

A Turn later, Pierce began to hear rumors that led him to believe that Blue's father was close to finding him, so he set out to find a way for the two of them to escape beyond his reach. Blue was shocked when their opportunity came soon thereafter in the form of being Searched to the Weyr. He had never considered that a dragon would choose someone with his disability to Stand, but he did not question it. He resolved to pretend, on Pierce's advice, to be able to hear while at the Weyr for as long as he could. If he could last long enough to get a dragon, they would not be able to send him away.

Approved: January 26th 2022
Last updated: January 20th 2022

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