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Persona Profile: V'rel

Writer: Avery

Name: V'rel
Age: 20
Birthday: m6 d19
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Weaver
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Vatirel currently stands at 5'7, and he hopes that he's not done growing yet. He has light brown skin, dark brown eyes, and black hair that's extremely curly when it grows out so he keeps it cropped close to his skull. He has a big nose and bushy eyebrows, both features that embarrass him. He has a skinny build. He likes wearing bright clothing.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Vatirel is a boy who is easy to overlook in a crowd. He isn't stupid, and he isn't shy; he just doesn't stand out. He spends most of his time inside his head. Sometimes, that's thinking about everything he'd like to make different. Sometimes, he's observing and looking for information about the world and patterns that his mind can solve.

Vatirel is sincere in his feelings; what he thinks is what comes out of his mouth. He's generous and willing to help others, but gets flustered when someone doesn't want the help. He's happiest on the periphery of a crowd or group and gets nervous when people look at him as the center of attention. When he feels overwhelmed by stimuli, he retreats into a place of solitude.

When Vatirel is interested in something, he can hyper focus on it. But when he's not interested, he retreats into his head and can stop paying attention. This meant uneven performance in classes and work, and as a child he was often accused of being a dimglow or wherrybrained. Now, he puts extra time into whatever he's doing to make sure that it comes out right. He doesn't want to be a disappointment.

History of Persona:
His mother Vatirra is a former Candidate who never Impressed, and instead turned her sights to becoming a Headwoman's assistant. Vatirra had a history of hanging around as a flight moth, so it wasn't a surprise when she got pregnant after one. She decided to keep the child, and named him Vatirel. She left him in the creche while she worked and kept him with her at night.

When Vatirel was 5 Turns old, his mother and her weyrmate Mezente transferred to the newly opened Rising Moons Weyr. Vatirel never really warmed up to Mezente as a father figure, tolerating him but preferring his own father's attention. It helped that A'kades stayed involved in his life on restdays and special occasions, thanks to dragon travel making visits effortless.

Mezente died in Turn 3. The memories made the Weyr uncomfortable for his mother, so Vatirra transferred from Rising Moons to Dolphin Cove Weyr, taking her family with her. Vatirel was initially very reluctant about moving, afraid of losing all of his friends and of settling into a new place. Eventually, he settled into life at the new Weyr, making friends and passing Harper classes.

He applied to Stand as soon as he Turned 12 and was eligible. He has not Impressed yet, and so keeps working at his Craft and hoping the next Hatching will have the dragon for him.

Family and Friends
A'kades, 49, Weyrsecond, Dolphin Cove Weyr (father)
Tirraze, 18, Junior Weyrling, Dolphin Cove Weyr (sister)
Vatirra, 49, Lower caverns worker (mother)
Zenirra, 15, Weyrbrat (sister)

Dragon's Name: Rymeth
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
At hatching, Rymeth is a very small blue with a delicate conformation. His hide color is a shade of midnight blue and he has paler blue speckles across his body, most notable on his wingsails.

Rymeth shares a deep curiosity about the world around him with his rider, but he prefers active experimentation when it comes to learning. He's likely to volunteer to do things first, rather than wait and study others. He has a calm temperament, and no matter what goes wrong, Rymeth will not panic or be ruffled by it.

Approved: July 20th 2017
Last updated: January 30th 2020

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