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Persona Profile: S'kand

Writer: Aaron

Name: S'kand
Age: 47
Birthday: m6 d19
Rank: Wingleader, Rapids Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
S'kand is a beast of a man. While not short by any stretch of the imagination, his height is not the most striking of his features - it is his breadth, and his bulk may seem to diminish his middling height to shortness when standing beside taller men. He has the physique of a miner, and nary a square inch of him is bereft of dark brown hair. Even when he shaves, it seems he has a five o'clock shadow by half an hour past noon, so he nearly always wears a well-groomed beard. His eyes are a deep brown, and he is rarely seen without his characteristic scowl, a kind of resting frown that seems to indicate he is judging and perhaps unhappy with everything he sees. Looking to his eyes is the best indication of his actual state of mind, though when he smiles, it removes all doubt.

Emotional Description of Persona:
S'kand has strong traditional notions of proper personal interaction. He believes in strict social hierarchies, black and white morality, and unwavering dedication to duty. He has a very soft spot for children, inclinded to give them anything they ask for, so long as they behave properly. S'kand also has a wide protective streak for women and still struggles with the idea of women in danger to the point of internal conflict over whether respect for women, obedience to authority, or the duty to protect should take precedence when it comes to his feelings on women in the fighting wings.

History of Persona:
S'kand, born Oskandric, was raised at a small Hold beholden to Thayan Peak Weyrhold by a father, Lesandric, and mother, Laroska, both with very strict notions of respect and propriety. He grew up expected to maintain an impeccable degree of respect and deference to his elders and to those set above him, including his elder siblings and cousins. He was taught to respect and protect women and children, and he was as close to his extended family as he was with his immediate family. Moreover, when he grew older, he was expected to oversee his younger siblings and cousins in the same way, even to the point of being responsible for their misdeeds when under his charge.

Oskandric grew up in a world of hard work and tight-knit family. He went to work as soon as he was old enough to be deemed capable. He spent the work days laboring intently and his free time eating, laughing, and playing with his parents, grandparents, and many siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.

Oskandric's family like most folk beholden to the weyrholds believed that Standing was a part of their duty to their Lords when the Searchrider came, but Oskandric grew up in a time when clutches were small and infrequent. While his great-great-grandfather had been a dragonrider, and Oskandric had cousins at the weyrhold proper, his great-grandfather had never Impressed before he grew too old. He moved the family to the cothold, and then neither Oskandric's grandfather nor his father had been Searched before they, too, grew too old to Stand.

Oskandric was not the first in the extended family to be Searched back to the weyrhold or to Impress, but he was one of few, and the only one to Impress a bronze. Not too long before he would have been too old to stand again, Oskandric had long since been sure a dragon would never look his way. But Jagobroth had other plans. He walked away from the Sands that day a dragonrider.

Some five Turns or so later, the dragon populations began to explode, and suddenly, he was not quite such a rarity in his family. He knew as much as the next rider what this had to mean, and he worked as hard as he could, serving as an assistant weyrlingmaster, to help teach the swelling numbers of new Weyrlings to be ready for the Pass that was surely approaching.

Soon thereafter, S'kand had met and weyrmated an assistant to the Headwoman, Ristalle, who over the Turns bore him five children: three sons and two daughters. Aside from these, flights left him with other children, each of which he acknowledges and loves as much as those by his weyrmate. When the decision was made to begin re-establishing the weyrs, S'kand dutifully chose to accept a position away from home at the newly re-established Rising Moons Weyr, also as an assistant weyrlingmaster. Ristalle and his children by her moved with him.

As the Pass grew closer, S'kand's family made the heaviest choice to abandon their cot, made significantly from wood, and moved to Dolphin Cove Weyr. By the age of 45, S'kand and Ristalle began to let their nostalgia for home get the better of them and decided to return to Dolphin Cove once his transfer could be approved in order to be nearer their extended families once more.

Family and Friends
Oskalle, 19, Candidate, Dragonsfall Weyr (Daughter)
Ristalle, 43, Headwoman's Assistant (Weyrmate)
S'tall (Ostallric), 21, Wingrider (Son)
Kariskan, 15, Weyr Resident (Son)
Lestondric, 11, Weyrbrat (Son)
Larisse, 8, Weyrbrat (Daughter)

Dragon's Name: Jagobroth
Dragon's Age: 30
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Jagobroth's hide is an almost-tarnished, dark bronze. Unlike his rider, Jagobroth is built sleek, like a feline. There is still an obvious strength to him, but it is a lithe and graceful strength, not a lumbering, brutish strength. In his youth, his build lent often to the appearance of awkward gangliness, but in adulthood, he has fully grown into himself.

Jagobroth is every bit the hunter his build has prepared him to be, whether it be the prospect of hunting Thread in the skies, of hunting food on the ground, or hunting females in flight. He very often sees females as trophies to collect and prizes to win. Of course, he can relate to them on a less sexual level, but in the end, if he feels he has no chance to catch a female, he will disengage with her socially. His primary social relationships are with male dragons, and in this, he has no boundaries. He will form friendly relationships with browns and blues as readily as with other bronzes.

Approved: February 25th 2019
Last updated: March 8th 2021

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