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Persona Profile: Fettonen

Writer: Aaron

Name: Fettonen
Pronunciation: FET - ohn - en
Age: 22
Birthday: m13 d8
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Pierce is tall, rugged, and handsome. He is lean but muscular and toned, with rough, calloused hands. He has short reddish brown hair, wears a bit of scruff on his face at all times, and has brown eyes. He wears multiple piercings in both ears and light clothing that reveals as much of his skin as he can get away with.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Pierce is smooth, quick witted, and confident. He is a practiced schemer, liar, and teller of half-truths, and he does not hesitate to do or say whatever he must in order to keep his own skin intact and to protect his friends and chosen family. However, he has learned that honesty and integrity when it comes to his wares is paramount for forming lasting relationships with buyers – and for keeping a place among traders.

Pierce can be friends with anyone, on the surface. He is a consummate schmoozer and flirt. He has a soft spot for the vulnerable and downtrodden, and he will go out of his way to genuinely help whoever he can – especially if it involves sticking it to someone in a position of power in a way that will not blow back onto him or anyone he cares about.

History of Persona:
Pierce is his chosen name, and no one outside of his home hold knows his given name.

Pierce was born “Fettonen” at a mid-sized hold in the South. As a child he was pudgy, and he was on the receiving end of a fair amount of bullying. The other children used “Fat Tonen”, a play on his birth name, to tease him about his weight. He developed his congenial interpersonal skills and humor as a defense mechanism.

For the holder who owned Pierce's home, to be beautiful was to be favored, and to be plain or – Faranth forbid – homely was to be ignored or treated as lowly and undeserving of respect.

By the time he had become a young man, Pierce had shot up like a weed, and with his taller frame, he was no longer pudgy. When he trained as a smith's apprentice, he even put on some muscle. In fact, in the holder's eyes, he was precisely the kind of beautiful that warranted his attention. When his family began to receive favor from the holder, Pierce saw first hand the difference in treatment, and he resented it all the more.

So when the holder began to nudge Pierce toward a relationship with his daughter, Pierce decided to do his best to shake him off. He had his ears pierced, but this only seemed to increase the holder's daughter's interest in him. His first plan having failed, Pierce then set out to court the holder's son, too. Everything was going well for him until the daughter caught Pierce with her brother.

Pierce found himself suddenly holdless, but a bit of smooth talking – and a lot of kindheartedness on their part – Pierce gained a place as a trader. Having hated his birth name since childhood, he decided to take a new one. He introduced himself to the traders as Pierce.

For Turns, he learned the merchant's trade, and he was very good at it. But when he and the others encountered another outcast who had discarded his birth name, Pierce took an interest and asked the leader to let him stay. He named the young man – who was hard of hearing – Blue after the color of his eyes. Pierce spent every moment of his free time learning to sign with him until he was fluent. The rest of the traders put in a good bit of effort to learn the signs, too, but nobody was as close to Blue as Pierce.

About another Turn later, Pierce caught wind of Blue's father searching for him, and he was getting close. He would surely intercept them at their next stop at Topaz Seahold. They needed to find someplace else to go, and fast.

When Pierce encountered a Search rider from Dolphin Cove Weyr, he bribed him to take the both of them to the Weyr as Candidates. While he warned Blue to pretend he could hear, the Searchrider was privy to the fact of his near-deafness. Pierce gave him the plausible deniability as part of the deal.

Approved: January 26th 2022
Last updated: January 18th 2022

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