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Persona Profile: R'ayl

Writer: Estelle

Name: R'ayl
Age: 13
Birthday: m6 d14
Rank: Senior Weyrling
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Weaver
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
R'ayl favours his mother in appearance and has little in common with his more robust father and brother. He is a slight, dark-haired, dark-eyed and wary boy, small for his age, with thin features that reflect lean times in his childhood. He's quietly spoken and his manner is shy and retiring.

Though far from strong, R'ayl is by no means soft. He is used to working, even though he can't manage the heaviest tasks, and his experiences growing up and at his Crafthall have left him tougher and more resilient than he first appears.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A gentle, sensitive boy who hates violence, R'ayl is nervous around the other candidates, fearing that the secret of his family will be revealed and he will share his brother's fate. He is dutiful in his work and tries as best he can not to be noticed. However, he is observant, with a quick mind, and despite being behind in his learning, picks up instruction well when he is treated kindly. It remains to be seen whether he will grow to share his mother's courage and strength of character.

Although he finds it difficult to trust weyrfolk and most dragonriders terrify him, R'ayl has never had any fear of dragons, and loves to be near them if he can. He's also fond of smaller pets and firelizards.

History of Persona:
R'ayl is the second child and younger son of Cronfur, a guard at Emerald Falls Hold, and his wife Alyena. While his older brother and his sister were always strong and healthy, young Furayl was born early and was sickly throughout his childhood. He often missed harper classes at the Hold due to illnesses, through which he was cared for by his mother. His father mostly ignored him, taking more interest in his eldest son who was destined to follow him into the guards.

When Furayl was ten, Cronfur was disgraced after challenging a dragonrider who he blamed for attacking his own father, also a guard. The ensuing, brutal fight left him with severe injuries, and the family were forced to move to a small farming cothold several hours' journey from the main Hold. In constant pain, Cronfur was unable to help with the farm work and eventually, he took his own life. Furayl was the one to find his body in a disused barn near the cothold. He still suffers from nightmares as a result.

With her husband gone and with little experience of farming, Alyena struggled to make the farm hold pay and to feed her children. Furayl's age and weak health meant there was little he could do to help her, and he mainly stayed in the cot, doing lighter work such as cooking, cleaning and mending. They scraped by until disaster struck again when Furayl's older brother, Grevan, left to seek revenge on the dragonrider who had beaten his father and ruined their lives. He was caught in the attempt and sentenced to the Hold's prison mines, where he died in a tunnel collapse not long after.

As the sole remaining son, Furayl was now the family's only hope of making a living. A sympathetic Master offered him a place at the Weaver Hall as a junior apprentice, but he was miserable there, missing his mother and sister and bullied by some of the other apprentices when they learned about his brother's crime. Only a few months after his arrival, the Hall was visited by a Searchrider, and her dragon chose Furayl as a potential Candidate. He would have refused, having promised his mother he would never go to the Weyr that had been the cause of all their troubles, but his Master encouraged him to go...for his own reasons. The young boy arrived at Dolphin Cove, unknowingly caught up in a plot far deeper than he knows.

A month after his arrival, R'ayl Impressed blue Delorth. At the Hatchling, the meat set aside for the hatchlings had been poisoned with fellis and Delorth, as one of the first to hatch, ate some. He was healed by the Weyrdragonhealer, but in the chaotic aftermath, some of the truths of his background began to come out.

Family and Friends
Alyena, 40, Weyr Resident, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Mother)
Cronfur, 42, Guard (Father)
Grevan, 21, Hold resident (Brother)
Evalya, 11, Weyr resident (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Delorth
Dragon's Age: 1
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Delorth is a small dragonet with hide the colour of the Dolphin Cove sea on a warm, sunny day. Though he still has a hatchling's clumsiness on the ground, some day he will be quick, graceful and agile in flight.

At his Hatching, Delorth ate some meat that had been tainted with fellis by a vengeful holder. He was saved by the quick actions of the Weyrdragonhealer and although his memory of the event itself has faded, he remains more anxious and nervous than some of his clutchmates and likes to stay close to his rider. In some ways this has pushed R'ayl to be more forthcoming and protective of his lifemate.

Approved: December 17th 2020
Last updated: January 6th 2024

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