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Persona Profile: Irrkali

Writer: Avery

Name: Irrkali
Age: 53
Birthday: m8 d21
Rank: Wingthird, Volcano Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice
Face Claim: Michelle Yeoh

Physical Description of Persona:
Irrkali is around 5’4 feet, with golden skin. Her almond-shaped eyes are so dark brown they can appear black. Her nose is smooth, straight, and pointed at the tip. She has a trim dragonrider’s build and is strong enough to handle almost anything that comes up. Her fingers are long and calloused by Turns of dragonriding. She happens to be left-handed.

Irrkali’s hair is dark and falls to just above the swell of her chest when it’s loose. She keeps it braided in a crown around her head when it needs to go under a riding helmet, and in a practical runner’s tail when working, but enjoys it being loose when she’s off duty.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Irrkali comes across as aloof and cold, but she is actually a woman of great passions. She channels it into discipline, being focused on achieving her goals and upholding her responsibilities and duties. Her intensity and determination has served her well, but her high expectations of others can also lead to conflict and frustration. Irrkali's passions can be hard for her to control, leading to outbreaks of temper- or, less frequently, emotional breakdowns.

Irrkali’s Harper training has learned her how to be very understanding and generous. However, she has a stubborn streak and difficulty in accepting advice or admitting that she may have made a mistake, which has often created the wrong impression in others. She secretly craves affection and understanding, but rarely finds it, as others do not understand her and accuse her of being cool and aloof.

History of Persona:
Irrkali was born at Opal Cove Hold, the oldest child of a beastcrafter and a baker who gave up her knots after the Plagues. She was followed by a sister and a brother. Her childhood was relatively happy, as her parents tried to keep their concern about the way the South was going to themselves. When she was still a girl, her father took an appointment at Dragonsfall Weyrhold. He was interested in working with their beast herds, and he wanted to provide his female children with the chance at something other than the Craftban. His wife could return to wearing her craft knots, as well.

Irrkali chose to apprentice to the Harpers, and to Stand for the infrequent clutches. She was one of the Candidates who waited on the Hatching Sands for a long amount of time, but she finally Impressed to green Jeath. Weyrlinghood was relatively easy for the pair, and she became close to her clutchmate K’lvin. The pair became known for being disciplined and reliable, and for being serious about wing duties even in the Interval’s fairly laid back time.

When new Weyrs began to open, she transferred to Rising Moons Weyr to help re-open it. During her time at that Weyr, she served in fighting wings at multiple attitudes, and spent several turns as a wingthird. After an injury to Jeath at the beginning of Turn 9, the pair was grounded for recovery. She served on the weyrlingstaff as an assistant to keep herself occupied, but interpersonal difficulties with the Weyrlingmaster’s Second made staying there long-term uncomfortable. Midway through Turn 9 she decided she needed a change, so she chose to transfer to Dolphin Cove.

Irrkali has never had a weyrmate, but she has flight children from different fathers. All three have transferred with her to Dolphin Cove.

Family and Friends
I'rad, 16, Junior Weyrling, Dolphin Cove Weyr (son)
Kalidan, 48, Crafter (brother)
Alidre, 18, Weyr resident (daughter)
Irroska, 11, Weyr resident (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Jeath
Dragon's Age: 35
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Jeath is a celedon colored green with an exceptionally slender conformation. She is very large for a green dragon, rivaling the size of the smallest blues. She has silvery scarring across the outer sail of her left wing and on her left hindleg.

Jeath comes across to others as quiet and self-contained, content to share space with others or be on her own. Her serenity is a counterbalance to her rider’s inner passions. Jeath is happy to interact with other dragons and particularly likes weyrling aged ones. She does not get flirtatious or affectionate when proddy, but instead is snappish and bleeds her mood over to her rider’s.

Approved: March 4th 2019
Last updated: February 6th 2021

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