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Dragonsfall Weyr

Sienna Wing (Queen's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
Saibra 38 Weyrwoman Chioneth Gold Heather
OPEN   Weyrwoman's Second     Create
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
Lanniya 18 Wingrider Anaeryth Gold Miriah
Ashela 32 Wingrider Aglayath Gold Estelle
N'tur 19 Wingrider Graileth Brown Jenah
Zh'no 40 Wingrider Peohth Blue Eimi
S'vin 21 Wingrider Kadeth Blue Len
Talwynn 25 Wingrider Riveth Green Avery
Tavia 35 Wingrider Sawauth Green Suzee
Erivana 22 Wingrider Seryth Green Avery
Aileyan 23 Wingrider Kjarliheth Green Paula
G'wen 21 Wingrider Neath Green Len
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Azure Wing (Weyrleader's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'reyel 41 Weyrleader Erdenth Bronze Emma
OPEN   Weyrsecond     Create
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
Rorela 37 Wingthird Upinth Green Miriah
K'ale 25 Wingrider Imalkyth Brown Suzee
E'las 30 Wingrider Ysrameth Brown Adopt
N'klar 40 Wingrider Julerith Blue Adopt
J'lor 33 Wingrider Luruth Blue Suzee
Sh'lua 42 Wingrider Galerith Blue Paula
F'neb 24 Wingrider Ornigeth Blue Emma
D'nev 46 Wingrider Shoglenth Blue Emma
T'bel 29 Wingrider Fanth Green Len
Hanni 26 Wingrider Samdrath Green Emma
Demalia 24 Wingrider Tapheth Green Emma
Catrien 21 Wingrider Oranth Green Len
Harki 32 Wingrider Cerillith Green Yvonne
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Cyan Wing

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Wingleader     Create
D'ale 53 Wingsecond Torerath Brown Suzee
Jaylene 33 Wingthird Reanth Green Len
W'ser 46 Weyrdragonhealer Branth Brown Heather
J'nne 22 Wingrider Tribeth Bronze Len
J'nev 23 Wingrider Ankioth Bronze Eimi
A'chas 54 Wingrider Noreth Brown AmajoS
L'ger 23 Wingrider Sondrath Brown Emma
K'far 37 Wingrider Torth Brown Aaron
M'shan 23 Wingrider Juth Brown Paula
L'keri 32 Wingrider Rhalith Brown Estelle
Ma'din 28 Wingrider Aznith Brown Miriah
H'rami 30 Wingrider Joharith Brown Cymiri
K'mai 32 Wingrider Sebeth Blue Devin
Z'kai 33 Wingrider Lakiath Blue Avery
J'nor 24 Wingrider Zoranaith Blue Adopt
H'run 28 Wingrider Calcifeth Blue Yvonne
T'lat 19 Wingrider Faucheth Green Suzee
Kenza 49 Wingrider Solith Green Adopt
Alekra 20 Wingrider Carobith Green Emma
Gelira 21 Wingrider Charayoth Green Ames
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Cobalt Wing (formerly RBW)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
R'enh 34 Wingleader Mnoranth Bronze Suzee
K'yne 44 Wingsecond Arinoth Brown Heather
Uetia 25 Wingthird Sirjath Green Paula
J'lai 44 Wingrider Wasvisath Bronze Adopt
R'masu 47 Wingrider Kannoth Brown Adopt
K'tu 24 Wingrider Kadidyith Brown Adopt
S'jen 27 Wingrider Harloth Blue Cymiri
An'dr 22 Wingrider Pluserth Blue Emma
Sh'larn 26 Wingrider Tiamyth Green Adopt
Y'kas 42 Wingrider Sabiruth Green Adopt
Alyxiss 27 Wingrider Jassyth Green Spiritwolf
P'veas 32 Wingrider Mavikath Green Emma
R'sedel 45 Wingrider Eniidith Green Eimi
Nytha 27 Wingrider Tagerth Green Emma
Benna 22 Wingrider Henerath Green AmajoS
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Slate Wing (retirees)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'dee 22 Wingrider Vatonth Bronze Emma
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Cerulean Wing (Weyrlings)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
G'nir 43 Weyrlingmaster Nirreth Bronze Paula
D'kere 35 Weyrlingmaster Second Kenirath Bronze Heather
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Second     Create
E'naer 49 Weyrlingmaster Third Eillispeth Green Paula
F'veas 17 Weyrlingstaff Assistant Wenarth Brown Len
OPEN   Weyrlingstaff Assistant     Create
A'nir 21 Senior Weyrling Iebrath Green Heather
OPEN   Senior Weyrling     Create
T'min 15 Junior Weyrling Osgrath Brown AmajoS
T'leri 21 Junior Weyrling Girath Brown Avery
S'lan 15 Junior Weyrling Wazath Brown Adopt
OPEN   Junior Weyrling     Create

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