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Barrier Lake Weyrhold

Willow Wing (Queens)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
Kapera 31 Weyrwoman. Riyanth Gold Avery
OPEN   Weyrwoman's Second     Create
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
OPEN   Wingthird     Create
Teseada 23 Wingrider Onnyth Gold Emma
Saidrene 20 Wingrider Ashareth Green Heather
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Ash Wing (Weyrleader's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
D'hol 52 Weyrleader. Yumath Bronze Miriah
K'ran 38 Weyrsecond Rogueth Bronze Avery
OPEN   Wingsecond     Create
Timassa 40 Wingthird Saryolth Green Suzee
M'van 37 Weyrdragonhealer Kiloth Blue Emma
D'ren 22 Wingrider Menanth Bronze Devin
R'cha 32 Wingrider Sableth Blue Adopt
D'arvn 29 Wingrider Falzeth Blue Suzee
T'kala 22 Wingrider Dagreth Blue Heather
Aynia 22 Wingrider Nalath Green Adopt
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Skybroom Wing

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
J'nus 54 Wingleader Kopth Bronze Yvonne
N'call 30 Wingsecond Haloth Bronze Suzee
Jeyme 28 Wingthird Quinneth Green Heather
Z'lon 26 Wingrider Talerath Bronze Adopt
T'shi 33 Wingrider Iberath Brown Adopt
H'riv 40 Wingrider Uuketh Brown Heather
Z'dhi 29 Wingrider Jahith Green Avery
Daishii 24 Wingrider Kisiloth Green Adopt
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Cherry Wing (Retiree's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
OPEN   Wingrider     Create

Rowan Wing (Weyrling's)

Name Age Rank Dragon Colour Writer
K'lvin 49 Weyrlingmaster Xmrenth Bronze Heather
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Second     Create
OPEN   Weyrlingmaster Third     Create
OPEN   Weyrlingstaff Assistant     Create
OPEN   Senior Weyrling     Create
OPEN   Junior Weyrling     Create

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