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Triad Weyrs Calendars

Our calendars contain a daily weather report for each location, notices of important events such as Threadfall and Gathers, and the short stories written by our members.

Latest Stories

    Boys in Skirts
    T'lin helps T'nep keep an open mind
    Writers: Devin, Eimi
    Characters: T'lin, T'nep

    Enjoy Yourself
    R'fal is summoned to see the Weyrlingmaster again.
    Writers: Emma, Estelle
    Characters: R'fal, K'sedel

    Someone Cares
    Chaysea checks on the Weyr's youngest dragonrider
    Writers: Eimi, Heather
    Characters: T'nep, Chaysea

    Missed You
    J'ackt and Saidrene still have a friendship
    Writers: Heather, Miriah
    Characters: J'ackt, Saidrene

    A Full Day (1) - The Precocious Ones
    Cyradis and U'kaiah discuss his son's birthday and precious youths at the Dolphin Cove Hatching...
    Writers: Eimi, Suzee
    Characters: Cyradis, U'kaiah

    Prey Drive (2/2)
    R'fal and K'don take a walk after the hunting incident
    Writers: Aaron, Estelle
    Characters: R'fal, K'don

    Prey Drive (1/2)
    The dragonets are hunting, and Marlath steals Maciath's kill
    Writers: Aaron, Estelle
    Characters: K'don, R'fal

    A Delicate Condition
    A young girl in a delicate condition finds her way to the Dolphin Hall
    Writers: Eimi, Miriah, Suzee
    Characters: Naton, Jylanya, Enamra

    Just the Thing to Liven it Up
    R'fal and T'nep make plans over chores
    Writers: Eimi, Estelle
    Characters: R'fal, T'nep

    Figures, Formulas and Calculations
    K'don helps R'fal with his threadchart
    Writers: Aaron, Estelle
    Characters: K'don, R'fal

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