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Stories set at Dragonsfall Weyr (1 - 25, most recent first)

Sharing the Sands
Chioneth begins to lay her eggs, with Aglayath already on the Sands
Writers: Estelle, Heather
Characters: Saibra, Ashela

A Double Promotion
Ashela and Lanniya are promoted
Writers: Estelle, Heather, Miriah
Characters: Saibra, Ashela, Lanniya

Frustrating Conversation
A family meal becomes a conversation about Standing.
Writers: Avery
Characters: Jadirah, Kadira, Jadirel

Checking on K'ran
The Dolphin Cove Weyrleaders come to check on K'ran after Rogueth is injured by Aglayath.
Writers: Devin, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: N'vanik, Cyradis, K'ran

Miss Clalps-Alot
Rushil meets Orifa and is a little confused by her
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Rushil, Orifa

As If It Never Happened
Erivana moves out
Writers: Heather, Avery
Characters: Erivana, K'yne

New Arrival, Searching Hope
Orifa comes to Dragonsfall Weyr as a Candidate
Writers: Heather, Miriah
Characters: Saibra, Kaibren, Orifa

Partay Time Planning
Harki plans an impromptu party
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: H'run, Harki, Rorela, Ma'din

Please Go Home
Ninaine is not happy that Orifa has been Searched
Writers: Miriah
Characters: Ninaine, Orifa

Accused (6)
K'reyel and Saibra question D'kere and Jadirah
Writers: Avery, Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra, D'kere, Yasmeane, Jadirah

Fascination or Frustration
L'van brings something to K'yne's attention
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: L'val, K'yne

Queen of the Endless Sky
Aglayath rises
Writers: Emma, Estelle, Heather, Suzee
Characters: Ashela, R'enh, K'reyel, L'cor, Saibra, D'kere

A New Wingsecond
Saibra gives K'far a promotion
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: Saibra, K'far

Accused (5)
As Talwynn waits to be questioned by the Weyrleaders, she thinks back to a happier time.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Talwynn, D'kere

Welcome to the New Man
A bronzerider applies to join Dragonsfall.
Writers: Avery, Emma
Characters: K'reyel, L'val

Accused (4) PG-17
K'reyel and Saibra begin the process of trying to get to the bottom of what happened to Yasmeane
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: K'reyel, Saibra, Kaibren, Yasmeane

The Welcoming Committee
L'keri and K'mai make a bet on their skills at charming the ladies...
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: L'keri, K'mai

Surrounded By Family
Pierka and Z'ku come and visit K'ale and Lanniya
Writers: Devin, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Pierka, Z'ku, K'ale, Lanniya

Queen of the Endless Sky
Aglayath rises
Writers: Suzee, Heather, Estelle, Emma
Characters: D'kere, Saibra, K'reyel, R'enh, Ashela, Mayel

Taking Measures
Saibra and K'reyel spend some time at the beach during Aglayath's flight
Writers: Emma, Heather
Characters: Saibra, K'reyel

Accused (3)
Jadirah gives Yasmene a physical on the Weyrwoman’s orders.
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Jadirah, Kaibren, Yasmeane

Simple Acceptance Makes things Easier
Ninaine discovers something and takes action.
Writers: Miriah
Characters: Ninaine, Jahenna

Harper Tales
Saibra asks K'yne about his intentions with Erivana
Writers: Heather
Characters: Saibra, K'yne

Accused (1)
Kaibren walks in on a confusion situation that requires the Weyrwoman's attention.
Writers: Heather
Characters: Kaibren, Saibra, D'kere, Yasmeane

Accused (2)
Talwynn receives a strange command from the Weyrwoman
Writers: Avery, Heather
Characters: Talwynn, Saibra

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