Bonus Posting Location: Amber Hills Hold
Post at Amber Hills Hold in June and July for Bonus Marks!


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Vintner Hall

Vintner Crafters

Name Age Rank Craft Writer
OPEN   Hallmaster   Create
OPEN   Hallsecond   Create
OPEN   Master of Apprentices   Create
Clovente 40 Master Vintner Suzee
Araster 73 Master Vintner Adopt
OPEN   Master Crafter   Create
Lucan 48 Senior Journeyman Vintner Adopt
Keayd 26 Junior Journeyman Vintner Paula
OPEN   Crafter   Create

Support Staff

Name Age Rank Writer
OPEN   Headwoman Create
Geirlene 17 Hall Resident Adopt
Jielta 20 Hall Resident Emma
OPEN   Hall Resident Create

Vintner Hall Tavern

Name Age Rank Writer
Puwul 76 Tavern Master Paula
OPEN   Tavern Harper Create
OPEN   Tavern Head Cook Create
OPEN   Tavern Cook Create
OPEN   Tavern Guard Create
Shyow 22 Tavern Server Jenah
OPEN   Tavern Server Create

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