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Dragonsfall Weyr

Weyrleader: K'reyel
Weyrwoman: Saibra
Weyrlingmaster: G'nir
Wingleader: L'val
Wingleader: R'enh
Weyrsecond: OPEN
Weyrwoman's Second: Ashela
Headwoman: Yanley
Weyrdragonhealer: W'ser


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Lately at Dragonsfall Weyr...

Greenrider Erivana moves out of brownrider K'yne's weyr, believing that since their son has now gone to the creche, there is no reason for her to stay. K'yne wants her to stay, but doesn't know how to ask her.

Candidates Orifa and Ruhil meet, and Ruhil is a little confused by Orifa's personality and her life before Dragonsfall. And... she claps a lot.

The Dolphin Cove Weyrleader and Weyrwoman Cyradis, come to Dragonsfall to check on K'ran, who is recuperating there after Rogueth's injury.

Jadirah has a frustrating conversation with her children, Jadirel and Kadira, about Standing for Impression. Ultimately, Kadira decides to Stand. She talks with mind healer J'lor.

Saibra finally makes some promotions, announcing Ashela as her Weyrwoman's Second, K'far as her Wingsecond, and Lanniya as her Wingthird.

Chioneth rises and choose Erdenth as her mate again.

Senior Queen Chioneth has a frustrating time laying her eggs on the sands since Junior Queen Aglayath is already on the sands with a clutch of her own. Saibra and Ashela have to work diligently to make sure their queens play nice.

Rorela, L'keri, K'mai, Taki have an amusing time together over a bet.

H'run has K'mai over for a visit and they have a difference of opinion

Rushil adjusts to his new home at the Weyr. He also meets Kadira while looking for the infirmary.

H'run visits Ashela on the Sands. H'run also interrupts a conversation between K'mai and T'lat, he doesn't get the attention he wants. H'run deals with being turned down by K'mai and comes to a realization.

Gineah and Rushil have a healthy sense of competition while cleaning out stalls as a part of their Candidate chores.

Kadira visits with K'dee and asks him for advice.

K'reyel and Saibra have to listen to many interviews to determine if Yasmeane rightfully accused Weyrlingmaster's Second D'kere of rape. After speaking with all parties involved, the Weyrleaders determine that Yasmeane has her facts mixed up with her first flight. K'reyel sentences Yasmeane to more time in Weyrlinghood and visits to the mindhealer.

D'kere resigns from his position as Weyrlingmaster's Second and makes up with his weyrmate, Talwynn. The two of them begin to plan leaving Dragonsfall.

Aglayath's clutch hatches. New Weyrlings: Ki'ben (Kaibren), R'hil (Rushil), and Orifa.

Written by Heather as L2 on February 24th 2021


Dragonsfall was one of the first Weyrholds founded in the South, fifteen turns before the end of the Ninth Pass. The first official residents moved in three turns before the Pass's end. All were riders and support staff from colder Weyrs who thought Dragonsfall more hospitable than the warmer Weyrholds.
During the Interval, number of dragonriders dwindled and Dragonsfall was one of few Weyrholds that endured.

It was in Dragonsfall's Weyr, in 1190, that Cusyanth clutched 45 eggs including a Gold. This was the first warning something was about to change. It was Dragonsfall’s Weyrharper who /betweened/ forward in time to confirm Thread’s return. When the Tent’s Pass begun, Dragonsfall helped Dolphin Cove to meet the very first Threadfall over Emerald Falls hold.

Tragedy struck Dragonsfall only two months into the new Pass. Weyrleader J'ryd died in 'fall, leaving his young Wingsecond in charge. N'den was confirmed as Weyrleader in Cusyanth's next flight, but his leadership was short-lived.

By month seven, Thread took another Weyrleader from Dragonsfall. Weyrleader G'fren took leadership, with Jadeah still Weyrwoman. Only a day after the birth of the Weyrwoman's third child in the same Turn, Jadeah suffered a paralyzing stroke, and stepped aside in favor of young goldrider Linneya.

In month 4 of the 2nd turn of the Pass, Weyrleader G'fren was taken by Thread and Dragonsfall was left to recover under the acting weyrleadership of D'wrayt and Weyrwoman Linneya. But before her gold could rise again to confirm a Weyrleader, Linneya fell seriously ill with an infection that required her to move to a warmer climate for recovery. She relocated, leaving her Wingsecond, Jaela, as Weyrwoman.

D'wrayt and Jaela made a wonderful team, seeing the Weyr through many difficult times. In month 9 of Turn 3, however, the Weyrwoman tragically died of an ectopic pregnancy, leaving the Weyr without a mature queen. Two goldriders eventually were transferred to Dragonsfall with Corvera acting as Weyrwoman. However, it was Kapera's Riyanth that was first to mate, and Corvera transferred out, leaving her to take the Senior rank position and Teseada to be her Second.

The leadership seemed once again stable, until Riyanth's second mating flight. To everyone's surprise, D'wrayt was not confirmed as Weyrleader. Instead, Weyrlingmaster T'mahl's bronze Uluruth caught the senior gold. Though he had always been a competent leader, in his very first chance to lead the Weyr into Threadfall T'mahl panicked, leaving some to wonder if he would be leading the Weyr for very long. Indeed T’mahl didn’t stay as Weyrleader for long, but it was still Kapera who left first due to poor health, making Hygalia the acting Weyrwoman, rather than the young Teseada.

When Genith Rose on day 4 of month 10 of Turn 5 of Tenth Pass, she confirmed Hygalia as the new Weyrwoman and G’nir, rider of bronze Nirreth as the new Weyrleader. Together they ruled for Turn and a half, until news of the North opening a new Weyr made Hygalia to transfer there.

Genith was gravid with eggs sired by Nirreth and took those eggs North with her. Saibra arrived from Dolphin Cove to replace her, answering the Weyr’s need, Chioneth Rose. G’nir continued as the Weyrleeader as Nirreth was able to catch Chioneth, achieving the amazing feat of winning two senior Gold flights within a month.

Saibra and G'nir's working relationship deteriorated quickly, and the problems between them led G'nir's luck to run out when Chioneth rose again in the next Turn. A visiting bronzerider, K'reyel, and his bronze Erdenth caught Chioneth, giving Dragonsfall yet another new Weyrleader.


The location was chosen because the rolling hills leading to the mountains were ideal for raising herdbeasts of all sorts to supply human and dragon needs. The plateau stood half-solitary at the edge of the plains down to the Sea of Azov.

Distances to Other Locations:
Opal Cove Hold - 50 miles (80.45 kilometres)
Amethyst Cliff Hold - 600 miles (965 kilometres)
Dolphin Cove Weyr - 5,000 miles (8,045 kilometres)
Dream's End Weyr - 650 miles (1040 kilometres)
River Bluff Weyr - 1,600 miles (2,574 kilometres)

The average winter low temperature is 19°F (-7°C); the average winter high is 28°F (-2°C). During the summer months, the average low temperature is 57°F (13.8°C); the average high 74°F (23.3°C).

Building Information

Dragonsfall Weyr was designed using rock-cutting tools created from plans left behind in AIVAS' files. The original Weyrhold was a masterpiece of design and took over ten turns to complete. There are three levels of the cliff that house the dragonriders and the weyrfolk. The ground floor is facing a expansive plain, and the weyrlake and stables are atop the large plateau. The Weyrleaders had set up plans for enlarging the Weyr to accommodate the growing population.

There are two weyrlakes at Dragonsfall Weyr. The summer lake (on top of the plateau) and the winter lake (in the base level cavern).

Technology Level

As one of the oldest Weyrs, established before Ninth Pass ended, the Weyr benefited from the technology from AIVAS. Its lights, heating and plumbing are powered by geothermal power plant, built deep inside the cliff, below base level. However, the system is well over 1200 Turns old, so blackouts do happen. As a backups, the Weyr uses glowstones, candles and fireplaces.
The winter lake and Hatching Cavern are heated by hot springs beneath them and are totally separate from the rest of the Weyr.

Female Policy

As a Weyr, Dragonsfall has always encouraged it’s female population to pursue what ever career they like to. Whether it’s craft or more traditional women’s job like cooking and fostering children. After the Plague, Weyr has been acting as a sanctuary for runaway hold-women and for certain types of men too. Searchriders have known to smuggle out girls in trouble from Holds. While the Weyr’s leaders officially disapprove taking youngsters without their families permission, none of those girls ever gets sent back.

Population and Plague Effects

The population is always growing due to the influx of young men and women who Impress at each hatching. The plague had taken a toll on Dragonsfall, but the Weyr is now recovering from those effects quite nicely.


The Weyr gets most of its crops from the Holds that it protects, but has substantial resources to feed its dragon population by breeding herdbeasts.

Transportation Information

There is access to the Sea of Azov from the Weyr for ships and no place is too far for the dragons to between. There are roads connecting Dragonfall to nearby holds. They were less used during the Interval. The Pass has brought more traffic to them as the tithe trains and trader caravans cross the plains between Amber Hills and Dragonsfall.

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