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Persona Profile: G'wen

Writer: Len

Name: G'wen
Age: 22
Birthday: m12 d7
Rank: Wingrider, Sienna Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino

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Physical Description of Persona:
G'wen is small and slender, and can be rather graceful in manner, when he thinks no eyes are upon him. He is around 5'3" with no indication of getting any taller. He has the body type to go along with the lack of height, being small boned and only lightly muscled, which gives him the impression of being younger than he is.

He tends to hunch up when spoken to, and shyly tries to fade into the background. His hair is almost black until he steps into the sun, where takes on a bit of a chestnut shine; he found it comforting to keep it longish so his gaze could hide behind the thick tangled mass before he Impressed. Now that he has a demanding dragonet to care for he has cut it rather short to make it easier to keep clean and it is fairly straight, but it still manages to cover his face a lot. His eyes are very large and are liquid brown, and are his defining facial feature, along with rather full lips. His nose is long and slender, and his overall 'look' is soft to the point that he can be mistaken for a girl. He has the complexion that is typical of his dark hair and eyes. By no stretch of the imagination is he handsome but to people who like that sort of 'look' he is very pretty.

He uses his body a lot of convey his emotional state, rolling his eyes, biting his lips and using rather animated hands more times than would be comfortable for the average Holder to take! Luckily he's always lived in the Weyr and so this has only been a problem when he was a a candidate.

His clothes are plain and often stained by whatever he had to do in the care of Neath. He tends to feel more comfortable in larger tunics and his favorite article of clothing is a very oversized bathing robe that he feels safe in, but anyone who sees him in it would just think he looks like a child trying on his parent's clothes.

Emotional Description of Persona:
G'wen's in an awkward transitional phase at the moment where he has to learn to shed his old patterns of shyness and not wanting male attention. As much as he'd love to emulate his best friend S'vin and attract as many blue riders' eyes as possible, he stills finds it hard to be considered desirable. And to many he is, in fact, not considered weyrmate material by any means, as he's not the ideal image of male handsomeness.

All his life he's been painfully shy, and has taken on the sort of jobs that allow him to be part of the background and out of anyone's view, like working in the kitchens and checking glows. To his small group of friends he's much more friendly and cheerful, and a bit cheeky. He can be sharp at times to people he doesn't like.

History of Persona:
Galwen was born to an assistant baker in the lower caverns and a blue rider. He was fostered at birth to one of the workers, who already had many under her care. All his turns have been spent in unremarkable work in the lower caverns, helping with some cooking (mostly watching to make sure things don't get burned and with scrapping roots and such) and washing and other tasks in the kitchen. He showed talent in the harper craft and was encouraged to become an apprentice by the master in charge at the time, but his father refused it.

Due to his painful shyness, his foster mother kept him back from being put forward as a Candidate. At age 16 his father, under pressure from his weyrmate, asked her to allow him to stand.

Life as a candidate was harsh. He spoke out against the Holder boys who were picking on the gay Weyrboys and saved a friend from rape through some fast thinking and faster talking. Because of that he was targeted by the Holder boys and had to keep a low profile to prevent being beaten up. He came under the attention of the Weyrlingmasters who did their best to help the young boy.

In his first attempt at Standing, he Impressed the first green in the Hatching, Neath. And despite his love for tiny, delicate, sweet greens, she has been quite the opposite. Right from the get go, Neath has asserted herself as haunty, bossy and full of self confidance. And at first G'wen struggled with this, but as their training progressed her attitude had begun to rub off on the lad, making them better paired for one another.

In their first Blooding G'wen was badly scored across the back. As he has a high pain tolerance he didn't think it was as serious as it was and continued carrying firestone sacks. Because of that infection got into the wound and then into his blood. It was assumed he would die but somehow he pulled through the terrible fever, to which Neath (probably rightly so) attributes to her own strong will.

Whilst recovering he was been put on duty as an assistant to the Weyrlingmasters, and had also done a lot of transport duty, as Neath is exceptionally large for her colour. He and E'naer have become weyrmated. Recently he has been promoted to the Queen's Wing, much to Neath's delight.

Family and Friends
T'bel, 29, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (father's weyrmate)
S'vin, 22, Wingrider, Sienna Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (best friend)
Meledei, 23, Wingrider, Volcano Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (friend)
K'ale, 26, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (friend)
Cardella, 23, Wingrider, Sienna Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (best friend)
Teseada, 24, Weyrwoman's Second, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (friend)
N'klar, 41, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (friend)
Catrien, 22, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (friend)
Delria, 21, Junior Weyrling, Dragonsfall Weyr (friend)
E'naer, 50, Weyrlingmaster Third, Dragonsfall Weyr (weyrmate)
Halgalla, 62, Lower caverns worker (foster mother)
G'waren, 44, Rider of blue Manarth (father)

Dragon's Name: Neath
Dragon's Age: 5
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m3 d13
Description of Dragon:
Still a young dragon, Neath is already as large as a green can get and even rivals some of the blues in size. She is beginning to fill in her rawboned frame and is beautiful, but not in the typical dainty green way. Her colouring is her best feature, having a deep yellow undertone to her otherwise pine green hide, making her the same colour as a forest with the sun setting on it.

Personality-wise, she is as haunty and demanding as a gold. Her bossiness may get her into trouble at times but she also knows that most males like to flirt and she can use this to her advantage. She's also a brave dragon and is loyal to a fault to her rider. Not the fastest green off the mark, she is swift once she gets going and has more stamina than normal.


Dusk, Bronze Firelizard: aged 3, hatched m11 d10
Dusk is very prim and proper and as delicate a flit as his owner G'wen is a young man. He's a very classic bronze colour.

Marli, Blue Firelizard: aged 7, hatched m1 d3
Marli is an average size, deep indigo with light bands of pale blue on his wingsails. He is always clean and spicy smelling. Marli is a chatterbox and a scamp all rolled into one. He's playful, a prankster and is unfortunately attracted and covetous of anything shiny.

A few turns ago Marli fell madly in love with Neath when he was Paetri's flit. Because of that love, when the green rider was fatally threaded he did not go /between/ but stayed with Neath. Though he is 'listed' as G'wen's he is not impressed to him, but is Neath's friend and as such, stays with her. G'wen only handles him to oil his hide and to feed him.

Approved: July 28th 2010
Last updated: June 24th 2019

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