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Persona: Printer Hall
Posting: Emerald Falls, Vintner Hall
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Reports for Barrier Lake Weyrhold

May 10th 2024

R'lor visits Timassa and the children.

D'ren and Y'rim visit with one another and have a quiet, but nice conversation.

Videryn reflects on his current situation and how he got to where he is now in life.

Skyvera reflects on the pain in dealing with the loss of her dragon.

Rasme has trouble saying goobye to her younges child, Casmari, as she goes to live with her father, C'ris, at Dragonsfall Weyr as a Candidate.

After winning A'vel's flight at DCW, back at BLW, R'nar finds himself plagued with dreams about the other men... sexual dreams. This is a new and disturbing discovery for the young bronzerider.

Kailis eats a bunch of cookies. Oh, and fixes the unlighting lights in J'ine's weyr.

Weyrlingmaster's Third J'nic settles in at Barrier Lake after a tour from Weyrlingmaster K'lvin. After meeting with Jayzine to learn more about the current Candidates, he interviews Arlin and Lenorin.

J'nic then takes Arlin on his first flight and trip /between/.

Y'rim is caused some panic when he thinks his ex-weyrmate is at Barrier Lake, it turns out to be a misunderstanding, and he ends up meeting bluerider T'kala, and they instantly hit it off.

Y'rim also spends a night chatting and catching up with greenrider F'aen over drinks, where F'aen relates how he and T'ner ended up together.

J'nus, after realizing that Kapera was sad about a destroyed book, keeps his promise by visiting the Printer Hall to replace it.

Ketlyn, a new Candidate at Barrier Lake, tries to write a letter back home, but struggles to put things into words.

Barrier Lake Weyr welcomes a new Weyrwoman's Second, Aydhan, her weyrmate N'kevyn, and their Candidate children, Aydhara and Nikhayden.

A visit bronzerider, T'gyrlan, meetings the new Weyrwoman's Second and gets a better welcome than he ever hoped for!

Haysh and Rabain get some hands on experience with dragon care

Kailis arrives with a new lightbulb and leaves with a Search token.

Written by Heather as Other

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