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Reports for Emerald Falls Hold

May 17th 2024


Harper Hallsecond Jalanya reported to Lord Corowal about unauthorized prison labor and an amassing of fighting men, including some former Emerald Hills guards, at White Hollow Hold (Troubling Reports). Former Guard Captain Zandan previously purged from employment at Emerald Hills all those guards whose loyalty he could not confirm and replaced many with his own men (Persona Profile: Zandan).

Corofel returned to Emerald Falls from his fostering at Amber Hills to find that his father, Lord Corowal, had mysteriously disappeared (Moving Back Home). Speculation and rumor ran rampant at the Hold as to what happened to him (Speculation amd Rumors).

While waiting for the Conclave to determine how to proceed given Corowal's absence, Elana believed in giving Corofel a chance, while her aunt was more skeptical of his suitability for the role (Uncertain Futures).

Having been appointed Acting Lord Holder, Corofel sought advice from his Provisional Warder, Reven of Green Valley (Navigating a New Norm). Upon his suggestion that he be visible, Corofel visited the Hold's Master Healer Rhudas and made a dinner appointment to meet his wife and daughter (Dinner Plans).

On the advice of Lord Zathris's Guard Captain, Karhal, Corofel promoted Zandan's lieutenant Oriel Captain of the Guard at Emerald Hills Hold (Persona Sheet: Oriel).

Corofel hired former Dolphin Hall Headwoman Jalanya to take over the Headwoman position at Emerald Falls (Same Position, New Place), and Gordenic to become the full time Steward (Persona Profile: Gordenic).


A mysterious Shadow ordered the killing of Emerald Falls's watchrider, Tr'fal, and Enval carried it out by gruesomely beheading the man (The Last Day of Summer). The man was caught red handed, and Captain Oriel interrogated him but learned nothing (Bad Cop, Bad Cop).

Corofel sought guidance from Reven as to how to handle the murder, who advised him not to roll over to the Weyr and ensure himself that justice is done in his protectorate (Measured Responses). N'vanik visited from Dolphin Cove, hoping to extradite the culprit. Corofel refused but ensured him the man would face justice and agreed to allow N'vanik and his guard a supervised opportunity to interrogate him themselves (The Punishment Will Fit the Crime).


While attempting to visit his siblings, Corofel encountered Elana in their quarters, and she nearly brained him with a toy runnerbeast (The Stranger). She recounted the tale later to her friend Sellimere (What Awaits Us).

Corofel spoke to Reven about a plan to travel through the entirety of the Emerald Hills Protectorate to meet with his minor Holders, get to know them, and learn how to support them (Riding the Circuit). However, Captain Oriel convinced him to take a more realistic approach (Let's Reign It In, Shall We?)


Zavek returned home to Lavender Run from his stay at the Weyr with Brennault, but a troublesome blackmail letter from an interloper who caught sight of their tryst quickly ruins all of the happy feelings he had built at Dolphin Cove (Good Feelings Gone).

Written by Aaron as L1

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