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June Bonus Locations
Persona: Printer Hall
Posting: Emerald Falls, Vintner Hall
Make some bonus Marks at these locations!


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Reports for Dolphin Hall

June 5th 2024

Ahoy sailors and dolphin lovers!

This month at the Dolphin Hall, Hallmaster Thayde and his Hallsecond Cazavin, meet to discuss the state of affairs. They consider training exercises, repairs that need to be made, and they discuss needing a new Headwoman since Jylanya accepted a new position at Emerald Falls Hold after the death of Naton.

Apprentice Chalzie meets with Hallsecond Cazavin to discuss her progress towards walking the tables as a journeywoman.

When the timeline progresses into Turn 12, look for an announcement about the Inaugural Dolphineer TimeWarp class!

Written by Heather as L1

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