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Reports for Dolphin Hall

January 27th 2020

Master Thayde goes on Fleet Duty and gets a nasty surprise when he realizes that Jalodwyn is also assigned the same duty. While they are out at sea Jalodwyn tells Thayde that she is pregnant and the baby is his. Thayde refuses to believe that the child is his or acknowledge it.

When they return to the Dolphin Hall after a fortnight at sea, Jalodwyn makes a scene on the pier, announcing to everyone that she's carrying Thayde's child. Enamra sees and hears Jalodwyn and runs away, ruining her reunion with Thayde.

Thayde and Enamra discuss the possibility that the child might be his and reconcile after his long absence.

The next day, Thayde reports in with Hallmaster Endarin and is in for a surprise when Endarin steps down and offers the position to Thayde. Thayde accepts the position of new Hallmaster, using his new title to immediately transfer Jalodwyn to a different posting.

Enamra has difficulty adjusting to her new role as the Hallmaster's wife and doesn't make friends with the snobby women of the Hall. Thayde tries to make her feel better by giving her an office of her own in their quarters, but it only serves to stress Enamra out more.

Written by Heather as L1

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