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Reports for Sunstone Seahold

March 8th 2022

Much has happened at Sunstone since the advent of my last report.

Most importantly, Lord Bryvin has married Lady Asaile whom he appears to cherish. The sweet Lady has also born him a daughter in a very difficult labor which has left her in ill health.

The Lord's cousin Steward Wirnan has been courting the children's Foster Mother who appears to return his affection. However, when he applied to Bryvin for permission to marry her, he was reminded of his connection and responsibilities to the Blood of Amethyst Cliff. His conversation with Suynie did not go well and she has resolved to leave Sunstone and so she informed the Headwoman.

Lorican has been promoted to Master and established his forge at Sunstone along with his family. His wife, Lusilk, was invited to meet the Lady Holder and Lady Brina, Lord Bryvin's sister.

Lady Brina seems to be enjoying the attentions of one of the Ship Captain's. Trayger is an old friend of her brother and sometimes partner in some of his undertakings.

Let's see where all this is going!!

Written by Suzee as L1

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