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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

June 5th 2024

Dearest Reader,
May was indeed a month of splendor for many people living at Dragonsfall Weyr. Searchrider M'yvak found himself bringing more than one Candidate back to the Weyr, but more importantly, he found himself in more than one person's bed. After harboring a crush on L'kav, M'yvak found his wildest dreams coming true when L'kav returned his attraction. Then, M'yvak found himself the winner of A'drios' flight and A'drios is definitely a person M'yvak wants to see more of in the future.

Bronzerider X'eri and Greenrider Yasmeane are sent out by Weyrwoman Saibra on Search. It doesn't go as planned, however, when a rude Holder lays hands on Yasmeane. X'eri comes to her defense but the entire situation spirals out of hand when an enraged Kohath accidentally scares the children of the minor hold. Weyrwoman Saibra vows to smooth things over by going to visit Lord Zathris herself.

Although Dragonsfall has been favored with the addition of two new Weyrlingmasters, T'lonas and M'thos, Weyrwoman Saibra is less than trusting and enlists K'yne to join the Weyrlingstaff as well to keep an eye on things for her.

The lovely Weyrwoman's Second, Ashela, consults H'run for the best outfit to where to a local gather where she is hoping to gain some attention - since many of the bronzes are focused on gaining Chioneth's favor instead of Aglayath's for the next mating flight.

E'kavas, N'kyri, and G'zan, a trio of rapscallions, join together for their usual dragonpoker game. _Someone's_ green is proddy, however, and that doesn't put G'zan in the best mood for the game. E'kavas and N'kyri, however, show him no mercy.

Although it has been some time since the ruin of River Bluff, the memories of it still haunt dragonriders all across Pern. E'kavas reflects on his last morning at River Bluff.

Have I mentioned how flighty Candidates are? Goldrider Rasme's daughter, Casmari, came to Dragonsfall to Stand, but the moment she didn't Impress, she returned back to Barrier Lake. How rude!

Casmari wasn't the only one left standing, however, Syerin bitterly reflects on not Impressing as well.

Family matters are in full swing at Dragonsfall, and certainly it seems most of the children belong to T'mhas and M'thos - how many children do they have exactly? While they are a team, T'mhas and M'thos certainly have different parenting styles, which come in to play with Varethos and Tamerel. The affectionate parents also enjoyed celebrating M'thos' promotion to Weyrlingmaster's second - and shared this with their dragons.

One of the children, Lemhask (lemmehask you a question), has a crush and goes to his parents, M'thos and T'mhas for advice.

As Weyrlingmaster's Second, M'thos notes that Ekirim doesn't pay enough attention in class... mostly because Ekirim is too busy 'studying' M'thos! This was after Ekirim consulted nearly everyone at Dragonsfall, including his brownrider brother K'aur, on whether or not he should be a Candidate.

Finally, big _EXCITING_ things are happening at Dragonsfall in the area of food development. Headwoman Oselle and her crew have developed a new meat grinding technique that is sure to astound and amaze!

Join us at Dragonsfall for a delicious "hot dragon" (we're not really calling them that)!

Written by Heather as L1

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