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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

February 21st 2024

At Dragonsfall lately...

Newly bonded Weyrling J'kellar ponders the familial consequences of Impressing to his blue Rokolth.

L'keri attends a mindhealer session with Eyvia where he is finally released from his mandated sessions.

Greenrider Vaile uses a morning sweepride to process her grief over a former lover.

Over dinner one evening, greenriders G'zan and Eyvia gossip together with G'zan promising to bring Eyvia to the next Cyan Wing party.

Bluerider N'kyri, the Weyrwoman's fostersibling, contemplates the heavy cost of a lost wingmate, which leads him to leave the Weyr early in the morning for a bit of mischief. Arriving back at Dragonsfall, N'kyri arrived at Saibra's office bright and early. The two reminisce and share the delicious redfruits that N'kyri 'found'.

Weyrwoman Saibra and Wingleader R'enh respond to a call from the infirmary when one of their twins takes a fall down the stairs. Mnoranth is sure that if children had wings this would not be an issue.

K'yne injures himself in an accident with his tanning tools. Bluerider D'erik, also a senior journeyman healer, works tirelessly to repair the damage done - all under the watchful eye of Weyrwoman Saibra.

Speaking of D'erik, he finds himself at a green flight with brownrider J'nic. The two losers decide to spend their flight lust with one another when the green flight is over.

Written by Heather as L1

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