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Persona Profile: E'naer

Writer: Paula

Name: E'naer
Age: 50
Birthday: m3 d14
Rank: Weyrlingmaster Third
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Dragonhealer
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Crayon Awards: Favorite Romantic Couple (November 2011)
Crayon Awards: Most Intriguing Male Persona (March 2011)

Physical Description of Persona:
E'naer is around six and half feet tall. He has a normal, wiry body. His hair is medium brown and eyes are a unusually dark brown. Previously a handsome man, he's now scarred by Thread. His left cheek has scars, his shoulder, upper arm and shoulder blade are covered with scars. E'naer believes his scars are worse than they are.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Gentle and compassionate, sensitive and sunny, E'naer has always been popular. He's a good friend and caring lover, but settling down to live with just one person is not for him. His recent injury made him isolate himself and he tried to become a hermit. His friends and sister, however, prevented that. He now believes he is disfigured and unattractive as a partner. E'naer has always shied away from conflicts and has never been violent or understood why others are. He seldom gets angry, he rather becomes sad.

History of Persona:
Born as Einnaer in Opal Cove hold, he was a son to a plague-widowed hold woman. Her mother Einna had to work in the kitchens to make a living for herself and her son. Einnaer's childhood was pretty normal for a holdbrat. When he reached his teens, he came to realize he was different from other boys. After confessing his love to an older boy, he got badly beaten up.

Einna sent him to the Weyr. Einnaer found out he belonged to the Weyr and apprenticed with the healers there. After a Turn living in a Weyr, Einnaer's happiness was completed when he impressed green Eillispeth. His mother was there to witness the occasion. About nine months later Einna returned to the Weyr to give birth to E'naer's little sister. She returned to Opal Cove hold, without her baby, leaving her to be fostered at the Weyr.

After weyrlinghood, E'naer switched to dragonhealing and became a journeyman. His gentle nature made him a natural healer.

E'naer's career as a rider was pretty normal, he had relationships and love-affairs. He was popular with the blueriders. Then Thread returned and he became very busy with his dragonhealing. During the second Turn of the Pass, he got badly scored himself, Thread landed directly on to his left shoulder and arm. It took him long to recover. Scarred now, he believed himself ugly and tried to isolate himself. Friends, and his sister with Eillispeth's help convinced that his life was not yet over. After he had recovered, he became the Weyrlingmaster's third.

Family and Friends
Einna, 73, Kitchen Worker (Mother)
Ennie, 32, Rider of green Ylisath (Sister)
Endison, 10, Weyrbrat (Nephew)

Dragon's Name: Eillispeth
Dragon's Age: 34
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Eillispeth is mid-sized, spring-green in colour and rather vain. Except for her firm belief that she's the best and prettiest dragon on Pern, she's a rather sensible green with a caring and flirting nature. She tends to be rather motherly towards young hatchlings.


Feral, Gold Firelizard: aged 4, hatched m7 d9
Small-sized and three-toed, Feral is a descendant of wild firelizards. Her hide is bright gold colour. Her personality matches her name: she's fierce, independed, stubborn, and volatile. She's also affectionate and protective towards those she trusts. She treats strangers with mistrust and suspicion. She can bite or scratch. She is true queen, considering herself the boss, taking praise and petting as self-evident. Only time will show if she can be trained to be useful.

Approved: August 15th 2005
Last updated: June 25th 2012

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