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Persona Profile: F'aen

Writer: Heather (ONPC)

Name: F'aen
Age: 25
Birthday: m7 d7
Rank: Weyrlingstaff Assistant
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Painting

Physical Description of Persona:
F'aen has an oval face, and bright green eyes set underneath a fringe of dark, dirty blonde hair. His skin is a light bronze, and there's usually a day's worth of stubble over his square jawline and chin. His hair is long, reaching the tops of his shoulders in shaggy waves that he flicks out of his eyes with a tilt of his head.

Tall, but not overly so, F'aen is nearly 6'0", and his body is roped in lean muscle.

Emotional Description of Persona:
F'aen is easy going and always interested in a good time. Often described as adventurous, the harper can sometimes be a little too spontaneous for his own good. The only time that F'aen is serious or calm is when he's painting. He uses it as a release. Because of his care free nature, F'aen tends to be rather messy and his stuff can usually be found casually strewn all over the place. Completely confident in himself and who he is, F'aen gets easily riled when people try to talk down to him.

History of Persona:
Faylenthe was a weyrbrat through and through, he can't even tell you who his real parents were. The earliest memories he has is of his foster mother. Being raised by a woman with so many other kids, some of which were his half-siblings, left lots of room for Faylenthe to run around and get in trouble, mostly because the foster mother would be too busy to notice. Since he was a child, Faylenthe didn't pay much attention to the changes going on in leadership around Dolphin Cove, and rather than become a Candidate as soon as he could, the boy focused instead on joining the Harpercraft. Even though his instructors were sure that he was too hyper to ever really make it far in the craft, Faylenthe proved them all wrong by finding his niche in painting.

Once he'd ascended to the rank of journeyman, Faylenthe felt he'd accomplished his goal of proving to his instructors that he _could_ do something with his life. With a clutch on the sands, Faylenthe then decided to put his craft on hold while he became a Candidate. At his first and only Hatching he Impressed to Green Scarleth and forever became F'aen.

Four turns after Impressing Scarleth, F’aen met T’ner, a new bluerider from Green Valley. At first their relationship started out teacher-student, since F’aen was on the weyrling staff, but when T’ner asked F’aen to show him what it was like to sleep with a man, things quickly changed.

F’aen agreed to move to Barrier Lake with T’ner so the bluerider could be close to his son.

Family and Friends
F’ren, 31, Brownrider (Half-Brother)
Pheymell, 19, Candidate (Half-Brother)
Sorme, 18, Candidate (Half-Sister)

Dragon's Name: Scarleth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m12 d14
Description of Dragon:
Scarleth is a loud, boisterous green, a good mirror for her spontaneously adventurous rider. The dragon's voice has a husky rasp to it that is sure to be used to attract the attention of male dragons. Her hide is a dark, ocean green all over and only darkens a smidgen near her eyeridges and snout.

Approved: February 11th 2012
Last updated: March 6th 2021

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