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Persona Profile: T'ner

Writer: Aaron

Name: T'ner
Age: 20
Birthday: m11 d12
Rank: Wingrider, Skybroom Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Tener is shorter and broader of shoulder than his brothers, and though he may not admit it, perhaps a touch less handsome. He is stocky and well-built, very suited to his chosen profession, with calloused hands and a few scars born of reckless disregard for gloves as a younger lad. He has short blond hair and the icy blue eyes that run in his family, and he keeps himself meticulously clean shaven.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Tener has a history of reckless streaks and poor impulse control. He is quick tempered and quick witted unless flummoxed, and though he has this history and tendency and must still be very mindful to quash it, he has worked hard over the last three Turns to grow into someone who considers before he acts, thinks before he speaks. His smith training has contributed to this effort, but his commitment to his unexpected child and his mother has been the greatest factor forcing him to mature.

Despite his efforts, he can still become fixated on certain impulses to the point of concocting very well reasoned arguments for why he should go through with them ex post facto, and he has a stubborn streak that makes it easy for him to dismiss arguments to the contrary. Tener is motivated and driven to advance in his career in any way he can.

History of Persona:
Tener was born and raised at Green Valley Hold always expecting that his cousin Namiren would inherit. Given that he could have no expectation that he would ever be in the line of succession, Tener decided at a young age that he would make a name for himself his own way and apprenticed himself to the eldest craftsman still working at the Hold. The decision to become a smith was at first on impulse in service to this long term goal, but he soon found that he actually loved the work on its own merits, and was very attached to his master.

When Tener's cousin died unexpectedly, the line of succession suddenly moved to his own family, his eldest brother. Despite losing a cousin, Tener was happy to have his brother home for good.

The real upheavel came when Tener let his impulses get the better of him, and he impregnated his family's fosterling, Ayressa, from Emerald Falls. He went to Reven for help, for advice, and he was devastated when the reality of the consequences his actions had not just for himself and Ayressa, but Reven and the Hold, too, became clear.

Tener made the only choice he could. He offered to marry Ayressa, and the family did their best to keep quiet the reason. Everyone knew, of course, young as they were and how soon the baby came after the wedding. But they all did an admirable job of pretending not to know to save Ayressa's reputation.

A Turn after the boy's birth, Tener had thrown himself headlong into his career, intending to provide the best life possible for his wife and son, Resser. His beloved master retired, and his replacement in the forge a cousin of Ayressa's who moved to Green Valley from the Emerald Falls to take over the smithy was much less forgiving of Tener's previous indiscretion.

A new opportunity came when Tener was Searched to Stand at Dolphin Cove Weyr. He discussed the possibility with his wife and his brother and decided to take it. He, Ayressa, and Resser all moved to the weyr to begin their new adventure together.

T'ner was surprised when he actually Impressed. He had never really expected to actually Impress. But when the little blue leaned his head against T'ner's leg, he could not deny that it was clear he was always meant to. And for the time being a he was sure that he could do this. He could bear the time away from his wife and son nevermind that the law said Ayresa could no longer be his wife and when the time away was over, T'ner was sure that the four of them could be one family together.

T'ner's family soon expanded as Ayressa encouraged him to explore other relationships that his dragon's blue hide implied. T'ner established a relationship with his former teaching assistant, F'aen. And he never suspected anything was out of sorts when he gave his blessing for Ayressa to explore other relationships, too. Not until the day Ayressa told him she was in love with someone else. Someone else who led her to realize her love for T'ner was different.

Ayressa broke T'ner's heart and left him for her man, P'mar, and T'ner clung to his lover F'aen, who became his weyrmate. All four left Dolphin Cove for Barrier Weyr Ayressa for P'mar, T'ner for Resser, his son, and F'aen for T'ner.

Family and Friends
Resser, 2, Weyrbrat (Son)

Dragon's Name: Lehystrath
Dragon's Age: 0
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Lehystrath is the leading man. He knows he is the star of the show. And he is willing to put up with a little bit of ignominy simply because he knows that the other players do not always recognize straight away who the lead is. Charisma is far more important than brute strength, and the patience to wait for the moment to strike is key to playing the right role at the right time. And who better to know the right time to strike than a man who strikes with the hammer?

Lehystrath wants to be poised to make the right move when the time comes, and for that reason, he seeks to charm everyone and everything. If everyone is on his very charming side, then perhaps the best move in any given situation will remain available to him.

Lehystrath is a striking blue. A sort of color that might elicit surprise if a man wore it in his eyes, and the sort that even among blue dragons could garner a smile even among those who see blue dragons every day. He is sleek and slim but still well muscled and strong enough to strike when the iron is hot.

Approved: February 19th 2019
Last updated: March 10th 2021

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