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Persona Profile: Ayressa

Writer: Heather

Name: Ayressa
Age: 19
Birthday: m4 d4
Rank: Candidate
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Weaver
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Ayressa has a heart shaped face framed with soft, wavy blonde hair. She has bright blue eyes that sit above rosy, rounded cheekbones. At 5'5" Ayressa is neither tall nor short but just the right height to make the curves she packs look proportionate.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Ayressa is searching for her place in life. At sixteen she wound up pregnant and her life has been a whirlwind since. Practical, and level-headed, Ayressa always tries to put a positive spin on every situation, to the point of sometimes being in denial when facts are looking her in the face.

History of Persona:
Ayressa was born to a well-to-do farming family in the Green Valley region. At sixteen she was sent to spend some time living at the Green Valley Minor Holding to foster with Lady Arippa, who had been trained by the esteemed Lady Felyna of Emerald Falls. Only six months into her fostering at Green Valley Ayressa realized that she was pregnant and the father was Tener, Holder Reven's youngest brother. The two had very little options and were married by Turns End and then months later she delivered a healthy baby boy- Resser.

When Resser was nearly a Turn and a half, Tener was Searched by a passing Searchrider and Ayressa found her life uprooted as they decided to move to Dolphin Cove so that Tener could pursue the option of being a dragonrider while Ayressa joined the weavercraft.

Fortunately for Tener, and frighteningly for Ayressa, he Impressed to a blue dragon at his very first Hatching. The fact that the dragon was blue was not lost on Ayressa and now the two wait as they try to maintain a family while T'ner goes through Weyrlinghood.

As the months of Tner's weyrlinghood passed by, Ayressa became more comfortable with the idea of T'ner being a bluerider, and what that meant, and how life worked at the Weyr. As long as T'ner was with her at night, she didn't care who else he was with. In Turn 10, Ayressa was Searched by Greenrider L'hil and became a Candidate.

As a Candidate, Ayressa was doing chores one day when she met brownrider P'mar. She fell in love with him quickly and unexpectedly. It was a love stronger than what she had ever felt for T'ner, and so she decided to move with P'mar to Barrier Lake.

Family and Friends
T'ner, 20, Wingrider, Skybroom Wing, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Ex-Husband (Resser's Father))
Resser, 2, Weyrbrat (Son)
P'mar, 30, Brownrider (Weyrmate)

Approved: September 21st 2019
Last updated: March 4th 2021

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