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Reports for Vintner Hall

December 24th 2006

For the first time in too long, happiness is in the air at the Vintner Hall. The end of the Turn was celebrated in a newly reopened Hall, with the sort of comforts that most of its residents are unused to.

Many of the Vintners as well as folk from Amber Hills helped Daigoro and Cinale celebrate their marriage. Rumor has it that the happy couple has been given a sevenday to settle into married life in their new cot, which means Fielton has resigned himself to eating someone else's cooking in hopes of making Cinale happy.

Cinale isn't the only woman Fielton is hoping to keep distracted. Ailyn's uncomfortable habit of taking Fielton to task for not being a good enough father has caused enough trouble that the Hallmaster has decided to make good use of her meddling. Ailyn will be moving to the Vintner Hall to take over the long deserted spot of Headwoman. Men of the Hall beware--a woman who can't be cowed by Fielton isn't likely to take any excuses!

Daigoro has taken a break from his Hallsecond duties to attempt to do something special for his new wife. At Jielta's suggestion--and with her help--he's planning on baking up a batch of cookies.

Fielton is keeping himself busy in the new Turn with plans for his new Tavern. Woodcrafter Danery is helping him make the necessary modifications to the building structure and making decisions about furniture. It seems like it won't be long now before the new business will be openů as long as the Hallmaster can find some staff!

Not everyone is having a good time, though. Visits to his daughter at Dragonsfall seem to be leaving Talrian with a heavy heart. After one such visit he bumped into Lyela and confided in her that he felt helpless and upset when dealing with his dragonless daughter's loss. Lyela in return confided her own worries about more trouble, making Talrian feel guilty that he'd put too much of a burden on such a young lady.

There's a lot going on with the Hall, between a new Tavern and an upcoming plotline which may end up proving that not everyone in the Vintner Hall is exactly what they seem.

Come and join us today!

Written by Bree as L1

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