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Written by Heather as Other on May 10th 2024


Five turns after the last pass ended, one of the minor cotholders presented the Lord Holder with some rough home grown and produced wine he had concocted from fallen and bruised fruit. The dearth of palatable wines in the south being incentive to most to try and develop their own.

By the end of the sixth turn a new Hall had been approved, and building began to the east of Amethyst Cliff Hold, this being the first Vintner Hall on the southern continent.

In the many turns since, Vintner Hall has grown into the source of some of the finest wines on the southern continent. The proximity of the Woodcraft Hall gives them a strong advantage, and their Hallmaster takes advantage of it gleefully.

Having weathered the plague and the return of Thread, it took an earthquake and its subsequent landslide to decimate the Hall. Near the end of the third Turn of the new Pass, a violent earthquake shook Amethyst Cliff Hold, causing irreparable damage to both Hold and Hall, and causing a terrifying landslide that buried much of the Vintner Hall's most prized vines.

The Lord of bordering Amber Hills Hold immediately offered refuge for the many survivors left homeless, but his offer to the Hallmaster of the Vintner Hall was not just of a home, but a new Hall. By the end of the third Turn of the new Pass, Hallmaster Fielton had gathered his crafters and set up a new Hall in some empty buildings situated on a nearby river.


The new Vintner Hall is located a short walk from Amber Hills Hold, nestled up against the river.

Building Information

The new Vintner Hall is a very different place from the one that was located at Amethyst Cliff Hold for so many turns. Several buildings have been adapted to encompass the new Hall, with the largest being the Main Hall.

The Main Hall houses offices, classrooms and vast kitchens on its main floor, with both a common dining room used by its daily residents and a far more impressive dining room that is used for wine tastings or celebrations. The dining rooms sit on either side of the large kitchen, which takes up fully one third of the first floor. The huge ovens on either side of the kitchen are cleverly used to heat the dining rooms during the winter.

The second floor has well appointed suites for the Hallmaster, Hallsecond and Master Crafters, along with slightly less comfortable sets of rooms for unmarried journeymen. Married journeymen and willing Masters are encouraged to take up residence in the many small but comfortable cots located behind the Hall. Several well decorated suites are set aside for visiting guests. All suites in the Hall include private bathing facilities.

Directly behind the Main Hall, a small building houses the two story apprentice barracks. The ground floor is divided between a common study area, a large bathing area and several suites. The largest of these suites is reserved for the Master of Apprentices and his family, with several of the smaller ones being set aside for whichever journeymen are unlucky enough to be assigned to assist with the apprentices. The second story is a large open area where all of the apprentices sleep. Each apprentice has a bed, a bookshelf, a small wardrobe and a desk. A trunk at the foot of their bed is all they are given for storage space.

Next to the apprentice barracks is an oddly shaped building that looks like it might have once been an Inn or tavern. For the moment no one is allowed inside, though there are rumors that the Hallmaster might intend to open a tavern there in the near future. Such rumors have yet to be confirmed or denied.

On the far side of this building are two long buildings that are almost as big as the Main Hall when put together. These buildings house the most important tools of the Vintner trade, including the massive wine press that was salvaged from Amethyst Cliff with the help of dragonriders. A gigantic cellar connects both of these buildings, housing whatever wine was salvaged from Amethyst cliff along with endless rows of racks, waiting to be filled. The doors to these cellars are locked at all times, and keys to this area are guarded jealously.

Technology Level

The new Vintner Hall is located in the buildings that once housed a Technician Hall. As such, they have some of the finest luxuries to be found when it comes to electricity and convenience. Individual quarters have running water and electric lights, which is a large change from the previous quarters. Nowhere in the Hall is this more evident then the state of the art kitchens, which rival many of the other kitchens on Pern.

Female Policy

Hallmaster Fielton has strict ideas about a woman's place in a Crafthall, and none of those ideas include spending time in the classrooms--unless the classrooms need cleaning. The idea of a female crafter is unacceptable in Fielton's Hall, and he has made it clear to those around him that he will tolerate no bending of this rule. Women can enjoy comfortable lives as wives, sisters and daughters, however, as long as they're willing to make themselves useful to the Hall in some fashion.

Population and Plague Effects

The plagues did not leave the Vintner Hall unscathed. Many journeymen and families enjoy spacious quarters and offices usually reserved for families, due to the small numbers. Some staff such as foster mothers and cooks even have small rooms to themselves.


The Vintner Hall makes its money by selling a variety of drinks. These range in price and tastes. White, red wines, and ice wines, as well as cider, spirits and ale are some examples of types of drinks sold at the Hall.

The Vintner Hall is open daily during the daylight hours (excluding restdays) to sell beverages to local holders or visiting dragonriders. Their main money is made in large orders, however, from various Holds and Halls and even Weyrs. They have the occasional gathering at the Hall to encourage potential buyers to sample new products.

With the terrible earthquake having destroyed so much of the Hall's resources, the current Hallmaster is frantic to regain some of their former wealth.

Transportation Information

The Hall has a small stable that houses its four draft runners. These runners are used primarily for transportation of the wines to Gathers, Market days, and pulling the two wagons during harvest. A runner or two many be stabled for riding purposes as well.

Now that the Hall is located on a river, transportation by boat is also possible.

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