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Persona Profile: Ernola

Writer: Ang

Name: Ernola
Age: 21
Birthday: m4 d8
Rank: Candidate
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Jenna Dewan

Physical Description of Persona:
Petite in stature but not in curves, Ernola has long dark brown hair that tends to fall in thick waves. She has the same dark green eyes as her brother, including the inner light of mischief that lurks as they innocently look at you.

Being a Turn older than her brother, she finds it vastly annoying that he's taller than her by a good six inches. While he's lean and lanky, she’s short and scrawny but undeniably female.

Ernola loves bright colors and will sometimes wear the oddest combinations imaginable just to get someone to comment on it.

Emotional Description of Persona:
There isn’t a shy bone in Ernola’s body! She’s just as open, thoughtful and opinionated as her brother but she's definitely the one ruled by passion. Incredibly caring, she doesn’t always think of others before herself and therefore inadvertently hurts with her words. She’s quick to apologize when she knows she’s done wrong and never balks at punishments given.
Ernola's loud laid-back lifestyle often drives her brother crazy but it’s gotten better now that they’re separated. Just as he’d do anything to keep her happy, she would do the same. They have a very close relationship.

Although Z’hren was better with instruments and singing, Ernola was good with songwriting and gathering information. She has a passable voice and can play a gitar but she doesn’t have the skill to make them or tweak them to get the perfect pitch.

She’s anxious to go traveling to meet new people and to potentially play someone else to get information. She has a quick mind but has a slight problem with tact, something she is constantly working on.

History of Persona:
Ernola was born in a medium-sized cothold in the Dolphin Cove Weyr protectorate with a Brownrider for a father. Her mother was fairly secretive about her affiliation with the rider, but since her husband had died, none of the children questioned it. Z'hrentis made their mother happy, even if they rarely saw each other, so it was alright by them. As a result, the two children of this liaison, Ernola and Zahren, were a bit separate from the other children so it was no surprise they stuck together causing trouble and having fun.

Nola remarried the resident Harper so the children were well educated and Ernola immediately gravitated to the Craft, even though she was banned. When Zahren was 12, he became an apprentice which strained his relationship with his sister until Turn 3 when the ban was lifted and Ernola was finally able to join her brother. At 17 and 16, Ernola and Zahren were both Searched but Ernola decided to stay in the craft while Zahren took his chance at Standing.

Ernola was thrilled to watch her brother Impress to brown Garreth and returned to the Harper Hall to tell everyone about it even though they were there to see it too!

Not long after, Z'hren surprised her with a flit egg he'd gotten from Tavia's gold Glory. She was anxious about having something to be responsible for but was thrilled with the little green that climbed out of her shell. Ernola fell in love and immediately called her Note.

After a time, Ernola returned to the Weyr to visit her brother. After a discussion with Cyradis, she chose to stand for the latest clutch.

Family and Friends
Z'hren, 21, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Brother)
Z'hrentis, 48, Brown Moroth, DCW (Father)
Nola, 43, Cotholder (Mother)


Note, Green Firelizard: aged 4, hatched m9 d20
Next Mating Flight: m3 d23
A tiny little emerald lady with swirls of pine green swirls along her hide. Note's dainty head is marked with pale green 'freckles' around her headknobs and down her snout.

She is flighty, yes. But so adorable as she tries very hard to do what her pet asks. She's an eager flit, often assuming what a person wants which is usually incorrect. She has a lovely singing tone that she picked up from Ernola, often helping the young Harper compose the perfect song for the occasion they're working on.

Approved: June 10th 2012
Last updated: May 23rd 2019

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