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Persona Profile: Z'hren

Writer: Ang

Name: Z'hren
Age: 21
Birthday: m13 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Harper
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Andrew Trischitta

Physical Description of Persona:
Of average size, Z'hren's dark brown hair is kept short to minimize the curls his sister Ernola favors. He'd even tried a few of her dyes but found they looked too strange on him. The same dark green eyes are shared by both siblings, including the inner light of mischief that lurks as they innocently look at you.

Being a Turn younger than his sister, he finds it vastly amusing that he's taller than her by a good six inches. While she's short and curvy, he's lean and lanky, the running he often did keeping him from getting pudgy like some of the other apprentices.

Z'hren tends to stick with neutral colors of many varieties. Navy and maroon are his favorite but he generally wears black the most.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Z'hren tends to be a quiet dreamer. He's just as open, thoughtful and opinionated as his sister but he's not ruled by passion. He's incredibly caring and often thinks of others before himself. He's a creature of logic and that clashes with his dreams at times since it just doesn't make sense to him that a person can function with another entity in their head. But he doesn't discuss it with anyone, especially now that he's a rider.

Z'hren tends to like order, making sure everything was put where it was supposed to be and that nothing was left out. Ernola's loud laid-back lifestyle often drove him crazy but he was happy enough picking up after her and doing the things she didn't like doing, just to make her happy. As his only true sister, he's very protective of Ernola and will eagerly trounce whoever hurts her.

He's still stunned over being a dragonrider since he'd been all set to be a Harper. Z'hren loves to sing and it was a fluke that he was good at it as well as with the gitar.

History of Persona:
Z'hren, formerly Zahren, was born in a medium-sized cothold in the Dolphin Cove Weyr protectorate with a Brownrider for a father. His mother was fairly secretive about her affiliation with the rider, but since her husband had died, none of the children questioned it. Z'hrentis made their mother happy, even if they rarely saw each other, so it was alright by them. As a result, the two children of this liaison, Ernola and Zahren, were a bit separate from the other children so they stuck together causing trouble and having fun.

Nola remarried the resident Harper so the children were well educated and Ernola immediately gravitated to the Craft, even though she was banned. When Zahren was 12, he became an apprentice which strained his relationship with his sister until Turn 3 when the ban was lifted and Ernola was finally able to join her brother. At 17 and 16, Ernola and Zahren were both Searched but Ernola decided to stay in the craft while Zahren took his chance at Standing. Perhaps if he didn't Impress, he could continue his studies to become a Harper.

As he moved to the Weyr, Zahren felt awful leaving his sister and gave Ernola a flit egg as a parting gift.

Having gotten to know Meledei a bit before Elleth's clutch Hatched, Z'hren was getting increasingly comfortable being a rider. To his amazement during that very Hatching, Garreth chose him which completely turned his life around. Dragon and rider finished weyrlinghood without incident have have joined the wings. He was thrilled to find out that Ernola would be Standing soon.

Family and Friends
Ernola, 21, Candidate, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Sister)
Z'hrentis, 48, Brown Moroth, DCW (Father)
Nola, 43, Cotholder (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Garreth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Hatched t6 m6 d11
Very dark brown, nearly black, only flashes of sunlight bring out the amber color woven into the dark hide. Garreth is a large dragon who will be near the top of the size chart for browns. His narrow frame keeps him from seeming overpowering but his strength is deceiving.

He's a born leader, calm and vaguely calculating, much like a Harper, but he's a sideline leader and he'll encourage Z'hren to be a sideline leader too. The ideas he comes up with are genuinely good, so it's not bad advice that he'll pass around. For a male dragon, Garreth is almost motherly, the sort to make sure all of his clutchmates are all right before he goads them into playing in that mud puddle.

Approved: February 16th 2012
Last updated: May 10th 2019

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