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Persona Profile: Corowal

Writer: The Council

Name: Corowal
Age: 55
Birthday: m3 d15
Rank: Lord Holder
Location: Emerald Falls Hold
Face Claim: Michael Douglas

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (June 2017)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Male Persona (March 2013)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (June 2009)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (August 2008)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (February 2008)

Physical Description of Persona:
Corowal is man of average height and normal body built. His brown hair is almost auburn and eyes are brown with some green flecks. He has an aquiline nose, firm jaw and mouth, bronze tanned skin and pleasant, open face. The lining on his face and first touches of grey in his hair tells he's not a young man anymore. Vigour and joy of living radiates from him.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Corowal is light-hearted man with good sense of humour (it tends to lean towards practical jokes). Most people who meet him can't but like him. He has good social � and diplomatic skills. He gives the impression of being honest and fair. Corowal considers himself a brave man and he hates being bullied or when people try to intimidate him. He sometimes resorts to sheer bravado. Corowal is also voracious reader and enjoys mental challenges and good discussions. Raised in port hold, he's view of the world is more liberal. To Corowal morals had always been more a guideline than a rule. He's smart enough to be discreet and not offend anyone. He has his hidden depths and dark secrets.

History of Persona:
Corowal was the only child of Corovan and Walrea. Corovan was Lord Dariel's youngest son and Ziadriel's brother. He married a woman his father didn't approve. She was too low born. Walrea didn't feel very welcome in Emerald Falls, she was generally shunned and forgotten. When Plague killed Corovan, she took her two turns old son and moved to her native hold, Coral Bay. Corowal had very little contact with his kin in Emerald Falls after that.
Corowal's childhood in Coral Bay was rather normal one. His mother re-married and he got a bunch of half-siblings. His best friend was Zandan, a guard's son. Together they were a mischievous pair of ruffians and always in trouble for their pranks.
Corowal became assistant steward almost by accident, when the Coral's Bay's steward noticed him.
His career progressed slowly but surely. He was already 36 when he finally married. Ofelia was Coral Bay's Lord Holder's grand-niece, already 25 and considered spinster. She was unmarried because she is badly nearsighted and wears eye-glasses and is plain looking. But in Ofelia, Corowal found a partner he had been looking for, woman who could have meaningful conversations with and who beat him in the chess game. It didn't take long after their wedding when Ofelia told she was pregnant. She gave birth to Corofel. Two turns later Ofewal was born. He was born five sevendays too early and suffers from lung-problems caused by the premature birth. After Ofewal Ofelia had a miscarriage before Corolia, their daughter was born. She was later followed by another son.
Walrea started to urge Corowal to seek the position as a steward of Emerald Falls Hold, after she learned the job was vacant. Corowal was more than little surprised when his cousin he didn't even know, accepted him to the position. So, he set out to Emerald Falls, his wife, again pregnant and children joining him later.
Ofelia died during the birth of their daughter Wallia on month 13, day 24 of Turn 3.
Corowal became Lord of the Emerald Falls and later married Lady Felyna.
Felyna died in month 13, day 2 of Turn 8, during delivery of twins: Walyn was stillborn while Collyn lived.

Family and Friends
Corofel, 18, Acting Lord Holder, Emerald Falls Hold (son)
L'cor, 23, Wingrider, Hurricane Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (son (illegitame))
Erilite, 26, Holdless, Emerald Falls Hold (daughter (illegitimate))
Felyna, 31, Hold Resident, Emerald Falls Hold (wife)
Walrea, 76, Hold resident, CBH (Mother)
Ofelia, 44, Deceased (Wife)
Ofewal, 16, Hold resident (son)
Corolia, 13, Hold resident (daughter)
Felcoron, 10, Hold resident (son)
Wallia, 8, Hold Resident (daughter)
Collyn, 3, Hold resident (son )


Vigil, Bronze Firelizard: aged 2, hatched m11 d16
Dark bronze coloured and larger than average, Vigil is handsome firelizard, with cheery personality. He loves food, sleeping, sunning, playing with Corowal's children and cheese; despite it giving him indigestion. If there's cheese on the table, you bet Vigil will get it.

Approved: March 21st 2006
Last updated: April 1st 2024

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