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Persona Profile: Tokallya

Writer: Avery

Name: Tokallya
Age: 26
Birthday: m4 d8
Rank: Junior Apprentice Smith
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
Tokallya is on the taller side for a female. What makes her appear even taller is her long legs and lithe figure. Away from the watchful eyes of her mother she's kept her hair quite short. In the back it only comes down to about mid-ear, but then the auburn hair drops forward, framing her face. Hazel eyes look out from a slightly freckled face.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Tokallya would not be considered rebellious, because she knows better. Shes learned that complaints will solve nothing and will not help any situation. No hero on bronze wings for her. The few times she does ask for help it galls her, and the words stick in her throat. Except, that is, for Kiaowtu, her closest and oldest friend.

Tokallya can be considerably blunt, depending on the audience. The closer she is to someone, the more she lets it run. She needs to get to know someone pretty well before she starts to let guards down.

History of Persona:
Tokallya is the only daughter of a very traditional southern Journeymen Smith. Luckily her mother is not as much so, within her point of view. Her mother feels that her father provides, but she is master of the house, in charge of the domestic duties. She had hoped her obviously willful daughter would be able to find a kind husband. It seemed to good to be true when Tokallya became quite close to Kiaowtu, her friend's sweet son.

It was true they were close friends. When they were young she preferred the company of Kiaowtu to that of her own brothers. There was something fun and carefree about the young Kiaowtu. They had grand adventures, the type of adventures that could only be had within a child's imagination.

Tokallya's mother recognized this, and waited until Kiaowtu started his apprenticeship before teaching Tokallya of hearth and home. Since Tokallya understood her mother was really trying to understand her daughter, she tried her best. But when she was just with Kiaowtu she confided her frustration, and boredom.

The pair's relationship changed as they grew older. Their first kisses and other explorations were with each other. Seeing Tokallya and Kiaowtu grow together, the family quickly arranged for their betrothal. They would marry after Kiaowtu walked the tables. It may have been a bit hasty; Tokallya's father had been concerned for years about his daughter's minor improprieties, and both the mothers were simply excited.

Tokallya didn't want marriage. She liked Kiaowtu, and they were great friends, but he was too care-free, simple. She wanted more excitement in her life. But perhaps that just wasn't possible for a young Pernese women in the South. So she was prepared to settle. If she had to marry, it might as well be Kiaowtu.

But then something happened. For a short time there was a Female Master at the Smithhall. She immediately apprenticed. Her father was afraid to say no, worried he'd lose favor with the new craft Master. Her mother thought it was just to be closer to Kiaowtu. It actually might have driven them apart. She was always quizzing him for more info; he simply just wasn't as driven as her and it had become obvious.

Unfortunately that did not last long. When Daynar took over she was sent back to her home. She couldn't take it- after a taste of male freedoms, how could she return to cooking and cleaning? She hit a new low of depression the night when Kiaowtu mentioned he had been Searched, but declined. She had been fantasizing about running away to the Weyr, but it was so far, and her parents would surely bring her back before she could reach it.

She convinced him to accept, their parents would want her to go along. He could still study his craft at the Weyr, so their "betrothal" would stand.

So they were on their way to the River Bluff Weyr. Kiaowtu failed his first Standing, but continued to try. Tokallya told him he didn't have to stay. She was there, her parents couldn't take her back. No, he said he liked the place. Tokallya is glad to have her friend there, even if she won't admit it. Very few people at the Weyr are aware of the arrangement their parents made for them, most think they are just close friends, which they are.

After K'tu Impressed, their families knew they wouldn't be able to marry, and she'd been at the Weyr long enough to be considered "ruined" for going home for a "real" marriage. This left Tokallya free to apprentice as a Smith like she'd wanted to. When River Bluff Weyr was destroyed by the tsunami, the Master she'd been apprenticed under died. She transferred to Dragonsfall Weyr and kept crafting there. When Barrier Lake Weyrhold opened, she headed there with her new Master to work on the location. Being able to contribute to making a new location with her own hands is far more satisfying to her than marriage and homemaking ever could have been.

Family and Friends
K'tu, 25, Wingrider, Skybroom Wing, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Friend)

Approved: January 23rd 2006
Last updated: September 22nd 2021

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