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Persona Profile: R'sedel

Writer: Eimi

Name: R'sedel
Age: 47
Birthday: m8 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Job: Search Pair
Craft: Miner
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Physical Description of Persona:
R'sedel is tall and broad across the shoulders. He is not skinny, but his turns of dragonriding have kept him rather fit. For Turns he kept his dark brown hair shaved close to the scalp, but over the past couple of Turns R'sedel has grown it out a bit, long enough to be combed back against his shirt collar. Though his walk betrays the great, sometimes intimidating strength of his body, which he carefully and rigorously maintains, his klah brown eyes are mirthful and gentle.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Unlike many in his rather large family, R'sedel looks at life with great optimism and humor. He enjoys a good joke, and a fine looking man, much more than his duties as a dragonrider. Though he never shirks his duties, and is rather proud of the fact that he and Ediinith are Search Pair, work is work, and when not working life is all about having fun!

Though large and strong, he uses his strength more to attract beautiful men, and doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. In fact, if it came down to it, he was sure any of his sisters could whip him good. But his size has often come in handy while out on Search. Even the sourest of holders thought twice before refusing to allow the large man looming over them to Search, greenrider or no. In fact, he takes a rather perverse pleasure at watching them squirm.

History of Persona:
R'sedel was the first son born to bronze rider K'sedel - the happy result of a very successful Flight. Though his father was Weyrmated to another, the boy always felt as much a part of his family as any of his other children, and his mother, Ravisalla, remained good friends with the bronzerider.

As a child, Ravsedel made as much mischief as any of the other children in the Weyr. He was the funny one that always played the best jokes and told the best stories. Though he showed little interest in physical sports, he did enjoy watching. His talents seemed to bend more towards working with his hands. He seemed bound to be a technician.

It surprised them all, therefore, when as a young man he asked to be apprenticed as a mason. He later admitted that it was because he thought they had the nicest bodies and he just wanted to be closer to them. When he Impressed Eniidith at seventeen turns, he was absolutely thrilled with his little green beauty. As they matured together, it was discovered that she had a knack as a Searchdragon. That was fine with R'sedel, and he quickly quit his crafting to devote himself to his new duties.

He moved along with a rather handsome blue lover to Rising Moon Weyr when he was in his early thirties. The relationship unfortunately soured within a turn, but he found himself feeling quite at home in his new Weyr. Though he gave up on finding a permanent lover, he rather enjoyed the company he found. After seven turns, however, he started to restless.

A call came out from the Weyr his father had become Weyrleader of for Searchriders to help gather candidates for a rather large clutch. It seemed that River Bluff was having a hard time recruiting new young men and women to Stand because of the recent plague scare. The broad chested R'sedel, however, was able to find two Candidates for the Sands. As he enjoyed the chance to catch up with his family he began to wonder if another move just might be the change he needed. After a bit of thought, R'sedel put in his request to transfer to River Bluff Weyr and make a new start with his family and in his own life.

Things at River Bluff went well until River Bluff was destroyed by the tsunami and earthquake. R'sedel found himself uprooted again and moved to Dragonsfall where his brother K'reyel was Weyrleader.

Family and Friends
K'deren, 46, Wingsecond, Cyclone Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Half Brother)
K'sedel, 69, Weyrlingmaster, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Father)
K'reyel, 42, Weyrleader, Dragonsfall Weyr (Brother)
Ravisalla, 67, Wingrider (Mother)

Dragon's Name: Eniidith
Dragon's Age: 30
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Eniidith's flirtateous nature is matched only by her riders. She thinks her rider is the most handsome and wonderful male of any species, of course, but she is more than happy to check out dragons while R'sedel checks out their riders. She enjoys all kinds of people. The curious little green finds them all interesting, and loves to go on Search just so she can discover new ones to bring back to the Weyr.

Approved: January 6th 2006
Last updated: September 5th 2019

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