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Persona Profile: Mealden

Writer: Paula

Name: Mealden
Age: 34
Birthday: m7 d17
Rank: Senior Journeyman Mason
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Mason
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Face Claim: Josh Dallas

Physical Description of Persona:
Mealden is 5'8'' tall and weights 180 lbs. His hair is reddish brown and curly. Mealden's eyes are green. He has normal, muscular build, given by his craft. His face is oval shaped, with high cheekbones and thin nose. His face also has freckles.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Mealden is honest, hardworking and law-abiding man. His sense of justice is well developed. He treats people fairly and expects people to treat him same way. He never tries to push his opinions to others but respects their points of view. He doesn't like bullies or people how try to tell others how to think.

He tends to keep his anger to himself which causes him to simmer like boiling kettle until the point he boils over and explodes. His not normally violent but when he blows up, he can do things he regrets later. Raised in Emerald Falls, Mealden was brough up to accept women's craft ban and "traditional values" of Emerald Falls Hold. Age, experience and his friendship with a blue rider has made him to reconsider his previous opinions. Otherwise his life is almost perfect: Mealden works in with a craft of his own choosing, loves his wife and adores his children.

History of Persona:
Mealden was born in Emerald Falls as a son of a cotholder. He was third son. His childhood was pretty ordinary one. His older brother was the heir, the younger sons were expected to find a crafts or other suitable occupations for themselves. Mealden discovered his craft early, finding himself helping out in the constructions done in the Hold. So, he apprenticed to Minecraft and travelled to Garnet Valley at the age of twelve.

In the Crafthall, Mealden was only mediocre student. He did befriend a fellow apprentice, Haelim, who was born in a Weyr. This friendship helped to broaden Mealden's horizons and made him more understanding towards those who are different. They sealed their friendship with a blood-oath, promising to be friends and blood-brothers forever.

After receiving his journeyman's knots, Mealden returned to Emerald Falls. Haelim returned to the Weyr and impressed a blue dragon. While working on the Harper Hall, Mealden met a young woman named Riendra. She was a hall resident, a harper's daughter. They fall in love but then Riendra's mother got sick and they postponed their marriage. They married quietly two turns later, after Riendra's mother's death. A turn later she gave him a son. Their daughter Rielde (or Ede for short), was born turn later, too soon after the first one. The pregnancy and birth were hard for Riendra it took her long time to recover, so they have been hesitant to have more children.
Mealden earned his seniour journeyman's knots during the construction work of the new Harper Hall . Since the hall was finished, he's been looking for new, major construction project. The smaller repair projects in Emerald Falls Hold no longer feel satisfying.

Family and Friends
Riendra, 29, EFH hold resident (Wife)
Merien, 8, Hold brat (Son)
Rielde, 7, Hold Brat (Daughter)
H'lim, 35, Rider of blue Rumith, jm mason (Friend)


Aurea, Gold Firelizard: aged 1, hatched m12 d10
Next Mating Flight: m1 d11
Aurae is fairly large firelizard with red-gold shade in her hide. As a newly hatched queen, her personality is still forming. One thing is sure, she knows how to make demands and capture attention and adoration.

Approved: December 3rd 2005
Last updated: August 12th 2019

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