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Persona Profile: Y'rim

Writer: Halyonix

Name: Y'rim
Pronunciation: Yeh-RIM
Age: 32
Birthday: m12 d4
Rank: Wingrider, Ash Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Craft: Farmer
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Francisco Lachowsky

Physical Description of Persona:
Y'rim looks younger than his Turns, with his heart shaped face, bright smile and thick dark brown, almost black hair. At 5'6, his waist is trim but the rest of him bears enough muscle to push him out of that boyish build. His brown eyes are nearly black. He doesn't consider himself good-looking, nor is he vain, but he's aware that his stereotypical model looks draw attention. Sporting a deep tan all over thanks to dragonriding, Y'rim's arms are usually adorned with leather bracelets to hide the wealth of scratches and scars from his childhood. He likes to wear shades of white, tan, and blue. He speaks in a soft tenor voice.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Y'rim is an introvert and rather shy upon first meeting but when he feels comfortable, he'll talk about a variety of subjects at almost irritating length. He is fairly organized, unfortunately always a few minutes late, and usually follows etiquette to the letter, though a minor breach of it won't bother him. He dislikes large group gatherings and small animals. And faints at the sight of blood. As a child, he was quiet and reserved, hiding so much of himself, but now that he's free to explore, he can be sassy -- and is very critical of those he sees as mean or prejudiced. He isn't ashamed of his sexuality or being seen in public with his lover, but if he's visiting farmholds that remind him of his home, he immediately clams up. Aside from losing Quiroanth, Y’rim’s biggest fear is to be shoved back into that emotional box of his childhood. He has no problem advocating for others but fails to advocate for himself and often has trouble communicating his needs to others when stressed out. Sometimes he'll just stay silent until it overflows and then he blows up. Despite being reliably tardy, Wingleaders like him because he doesn't try heroics and is quick to help out with weyrlings adjusting to Weyrlife.

History of Persona:
Yolirim was born at a small farming cothold in River Bluff Weyr's territory. As the second child of four, he was quiet but always seemed interested in growing things. Later, Yoli would say that he didn't feel misunderstood while outside in nature. Plants didn't judge people. He began studying with the resident journeymen at the cothold in the hopes of one day going on to Farmercraft Hall.

Search dragons came when Yolirim was fifteen, just as he was beginning to suspect he was truly different than others. The scrawny, tanned boy noticed that his eye was attracted to other boys and not just because he preferred to play rough games. There was something… well, something he wasn’t going to voice to anyone, given that the holders had some vocal opinions about those “Weyr types.” He accepted the dragonrider's offer (what young boy wouldn't?) and went to River Bluff Weyr. There he found reason to explore this budding curiosity and the Weyr's acceptance of it allowed him to feel at home. His correspondences to his family, however, markedly left this aspect of his life absent.

It took almost four Turns before his green Quiroanth found him but the moment Y'rim looked into her sparkling eyes, all the wait had been worth it. Word was sent to his family through the harpers and Y'rim, out of fear of how they would react, waited until he was well out of weyrlinghood and established in a Wing before returning home to visit. It did not go well. Afterwards, Y'rim preferred to interact with his open-minded sister Yalira.

Quiroanth never left Y'rim lacking in lovers yet the man took some time before settling into a comfortable relationship with a bluerider named T'shel. They worked well together for many Turns. T'shel was more outgoing than Y'rim but eventually, this led to a strain in the relationship, as the bluerider loved to party. When T'shel began spending more time out and about after Wing practice, Y'rim decided that six Turns together was enough and moved out of his weyr.

This was a rocky time for the young man as he tried to figure out how to be himself without being with someone. Quiroanth was out a few times over the next two Turns with injuries. This last time, she was out for a month with a wing injury, so Y'rim has only recently returned to duty in his Wing. Eventually, Y'rim made the decision to transfer to Barrier Lake Weyrhold, seeing an opportunity to help it get on its feet and hoping that a new vista would be good for them both.

Family and Friends
Yalira, 29, Mother (younger sister)
T'shel, 30, Bluerider (blue Magrith) (ex-weyrmate)

Dragon's Name: Quiroanth
Dragon's Age: 13
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Size-wise, Quiroanth falls into the medium category. She is a dark, rich evergreen hue with her scars clearly visible across her tail and left flank. The webbing of her wings is pale green with dark green striations, giving it a banded look. The bands are distorted on her left side where her wing was seared through by Thread. Quiroanth's usual stance has a playful arch to her neck.

Quiroanth bears the typical dragon cheer. She isn't a chatty dragon but she is definitely more outgoing than her rider, and quicker to voice her opinions. She has picked up on Y'rim's etiquette (and his sass!) and enjoys giving lessons to other dragons in it. If Y'rim is ever found singing, chances are that Quiroanth is trilling right along with him.

Approved: July 20th 2022
Last updated: July 20th 2022

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