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Persona Profile: D'men

Writer: Aaron

Name: D'men
Pronunciation: D - MEN
Age: 38
Birthday: m5 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Skybroom Wing
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Face Claim: Russell Tovey

Physical Description of Persona:
D'men is just on the short side of tall, broad-shouldered, and well-muscled. He has dark blond hair he keeps trimmed close to his head, with a touch of premature gray at his temples.

He almost always wears a smile, and handsome though that smile may be, his most distinctive feature is his ears. They stick out far enough to have drawn teasing as a child, in the form of suggestions that he might use them as wings to fly like a dragon.

D'men has dark blue eyes and usually wears a bit of scruff, or a full beard from time to time.

Emotional Description of Persona:
D'men never met a stranger. He is quick to befriend, and he often forms bonds more strongly and more quickly than those to whom he has bonded. He has grown to learn that not everyone loves at the drop of a hat, and along with that lesson, he has learned to swallow his sadness whenever he might feel rejected.

This sometimes leads to difficulty knowing when he actually should be upset, and consequently, in when he should pursue a remedy or reconciliation. Because his instinct has become to assume he is overreacting, he often relies on his weyrmate to let him know when it is time to fix something when it comes to emotional situations.

D'men is loyal and devoted and would do absolutely anything for the people he loves. From time to time, he must also rely on his weyrmate to know when someone is taking advantage of him.

History of Persona:
D'men was born Dasmen to Rasme at Vista Point Weyr after a goldflight and very quickly fostered with Rugatha, Rasme's own foster mother. He grew up believing his mother and father, D'gan, hung the moons. They were like legendary figures out of Harper stories to him, and he cherished every second they spent with him. But it was Rugatha who raised him, who was always there for him at the end of every day. To Dasmen, Rugatha was grandmother, and he saw her word as gospel.

Dasmen always wore his heart on his sleeve, and his instant intensity led him to become the butt of ridicule among many of the other children. He was always just a bit Too Much for most. He formed friendships with other similar friends and completely broke if ever they followed their parents to other weyrs – like Zaktom and Micrish. Dasmen had never known a closer friend, until the days when they left, and he never saw them again.

The more his unreserved excitement drew laughs or sneers, the more he learned to pretend that nothing excited him.

When he Impressed his blue Abaroath, that began to change. Not only did he have his dragon's indefatigable optimism to bolster him, he had S'ros. S'ros was Searched from the Holds, and to D'men, he was brighter, warmer, and hotter than the sun. S'ros loved everything about D'men, and to him, D'men was just enough. Never too much.

Over the Turns, S'ros blessed D'men with two children, Sareya and Ferros, each by a flightmoth, and D'men himself sired a third, Daslim. Though none had the same mother, both D'men and S'ros saw all three equally as their children without reservation.

When Rasme took Rugatha and left for Dolphin Cove, D'men was absolutely devastated. Believing himself to be overreacting, he pretended to be happy for his mother and grandmother for their opportunity to see the east and be happy. D'men knew his mother had suffered much, and he wanted her to know joy instead. How could he take away her happiness with tears at their parting?

For once, D'men hid his tears even from S'ros. For a Turn or so, D'men did his best to pretend that he was not still distraught. Abaroath's optimism and a dragon's natural forgetfulness let D'men fool the blue for all that time that he would be all right in just a little while.

It was time and old age that eventually saw D'men break. When he received word that Rugatha was not long for the world, she and his mother had already moved to the new Barrier Lake. And with this word, he could no longer hide what was eating at him. He went to see Rugatha before she passed. And then, together, D'men and S'ros arranged opportunities at Barrier Lake for two of the three mothers of their children – the third was not interested – and moved there together to ensure that the children and Rasme all had the opportunity to know one another.

Family and Friends
Sareya, 16, Candidate (Daughter)
S'ros, 36, Wingrider (Weyrmate)
Ferros, 15, Candidate (Son)
Daslim, 12, Candidate (Son)

Dragon's Name: Abaroath
Dragon's Age: 22
Dragon's Colour: Blue
Description of Dragon:
Abaroath's hide is the deepest of midnight blues, and his form is lithe, strong, and agile – almost feline. His hide is speckled with sky blue freckles that make his hide reminiscent of the night sky. Abaroath will flirt with anyone. Absolutely anyone. He sees only the best in everyone, and he believes with all his hearts that he can find the good in any situation. No matter what happens to him, he knows he can turn it around.

Approved: October 3rd 2022
Last updated: April 6th 2022

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