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Persona Profile: Gyllie

Writer: Heather

Name: Gyllie
Age: 30
Birthday: m8 d12
Rank: Headwoman's Staff
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Job: Laundress
Face Claim: Eleanor Tomlinson

Physical Description of Persona:
Gyllie is a tall, slender woman with generously curved hips and an ample-enough bosom that regularly catches attention. She has dark red hair, soft blue eyes, and creamy white skin. That's where the fragility ends. Used to manual labor, Gyllie is soft in the right places, but also toned and fit from work. Her hands are calloused from work, proving that she was never a lady.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Gyllie has always wanted to be wild and free, and at times that wildness has gotten her into trouble. She always leads with her heart without taking the time to stop and consider the consequences of her actions. She doesn't intentionally set out to hurt anyone, but sometimes her inability to see beyond the moment leads her to hurting the people she loves most. Gyllie is vivacious, easy-going, and has a bubbly sense of humor.

History of Persona:
Gyllie was raised in a medium-sized cothold in the Amber Hills region. Despite her parents best attempts, Gyllie and her sister were the only children they produced. Gyllie's twin sister, Eyllian, was the perfect daughter. She had poise and grace, she was elegant and intelligent, all of the things that parents could hope for in a daughter.

Gyllie, on the other hand, was often tussling with the boys, climbing trees, or getting into trouble. When Eyllian and Gyllie were sixteen, Eyllian caught the attention of a well-to-do Master Harper, and the marriage brought pride to Gyllie's parents.

Eyllian seemed to love and adore the older Harper, which Gyllie found hard to understand, but she was happy for her sister. Gyllie, on the otherhand, had no intentions of settling down. She had dreams in life, she wanted to go to the Weyr, or travel the world in a caravan, anything!

Turns passed and the twins' lives went in separate directions. By the time they were twenty-four, Gyllie had a reputation around the cothold for being a loose woman, and Eyllian was still happily married to her harper. What no one could predict was Eyllian's sudden death from childbirth.

One of the final promises Gyllie made to her sister was to take care of her husband, to marry him, and give him the companionship that he would be denied in her death. Likewise, Eyllian had made her husband agree to marry Gyllie, to end her sister's tarnished reputation.

The marriage was doomed from the start. Gyllie married Dysmin, as her sister wished, but although she looked identical to her sister, they were as different as night and day. Dysmin found himeslf constantly frustrated with the woman who looked like his wife but acted like a stranger. Things went from bad to worse when Dysmin found Gyllie in bed with other men, on more than one occasion.

While he had never lifted a hand to Eyllian, Dysmin found himself unable to keep from striking Gyllie when he would find her with other men.

In order to create a new start, and hopefully a fresh slate, after five Turns of marriage, Gyllie and Dysmin moved to Barrier Lake.

Family and Friends
Dysmin, 51, Master Harper (Husband)

Approved: December 9th 2020
Last updated: December 6th 2020

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