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Persona Profile: Ki'ben

Writer: Heather

Name: Ki'ben
Age: 17
Birthday: m9 d8
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice
Face Claim: Chad Michael Murray

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2020)
Crayon Awards: Favorite New Male Persona (December 2020)

Physical Description of Persona:
Ki'ben is a pleasing physical mixture of his mother and father. He has his mother's piercing blue eyes, but his father's dusky blonde hair and square jawline, which is really beginning to show as he transitions from the boyish features of childhood into the young adult features of manhood. Currently, he is still in the midst of a growth spurt, but odds are he will end up with his Uncle K'yne's tall, lanky form.

Emotional Description of Persona:
While Ki'ben isn't as outgoing as his sister, Saidrene, he does exude a natural self-confidence that he acquired from his mother. Growing up a goldrider's son has had its effects on Ki'ben and left him with a touch of arrogance that would not have otherwise been there. Despite his mother's status, Ki'ben has spent plenty of time in the creche, and earned his place among the other weyrbrats through various pranks and scuffles. His gregarious nature has made him one of those teenagers with plenty of friends, although not all of them know him closely, and he has used being the Weyrwoman's son to his advantage on more than one occasion. 

History of Persona:
Ki'ben, born Kaibren, is the only son of goldrider Saibra and brownrider K'fel. When he was too young to remember, his father was killed in Threadfall, and his father's brother, K'yne, became more of a dad to him than an uncle. Growing up with his older sister had its ups and downs. While Saidrene was often fun and protective of him, she was also outgoing and gregarious herself, and Ki'ben often felt that he was in her shadow. When she moved to Dolphin's Cove and Impressed, Ki'ben felt that he was finally able to start spreading his own wings and becoming his own person at Dragonsfall. 

From the ages of twelve to sixteen, Ki'ben dabbled in different crafts, trying to decide which would be something that he might be interested in doing for a lifetime.

Although both his mother and sister found their niches in dragonhealing, Ki'ben found his in healing, which he practiced until he was a senior apprentice.

In the 8th month of Turn 10, on the 19th day, Ki'ben impressed to his bronze lifemate Setoth at Aglayath and Mnoranth's hatching.

Family and Friends
Saibra, 38, Weyrwoman, Dragonsfall Weyr (Mother)
Saidrene, 20, Wingrider, Willow Wing, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Sister)
K'yne, 44, Wingsecond, Cobalt Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Uncle)
Saihen, 1, Weyrbrat (Half-Brother)
Brenha, 1, Weyrbrat (Half-Sister)

Dragon's Name: Setoth
Dragon's Age: 0
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
Setoth is on the smaller end of the spectrum for a bronze. His proportions are perfect, however, giving him a very handsome appearance. His hide is a wheat-shade of bronze, very light and creamy. Personality-wise, this bronze is on the arrogant side, which inevitably stems from his rider being the son of a Weyrwoman.

Approved: November 15th 2020
Last updated: February 19th 2021

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