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Persona Profile: Jaisa

Writer: Ang

Name: Jaisa
Age: 29
Birthday: m1 d24
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Job: Gardener/vegetable crops
Face Claim: Chrishell Stause-Hartley

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (August 2019)

Physical Description of Persona:
Taller than average at 5'7", Jaisa resembles the willowy crops she is in charge of. Long, light brown hair is streaked with golden highlights due to being out in the sun for hours. There are small lines around her amber colored eyes from squinting in the sun or the effects of her good humor. As tall as she is, there is no doubt that she is female with her generous curves.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Jaisa has an incredibly positive outlook on life. After all, nurturing and watching things grow is something she finds amazing. She is quick to laugh and rarely takes offense at the little things. Thread is the bane of her existence and she is constantly worried that one missed strand will devour all her hard work.

History of Persona:
Having been born and raised outside Sapphire Meadows Hold, it was no wonder that Jaisa would want to become a farmer. She was always good at growing things, even though she was never accepted into the Farmcraft Hall. Her father, Jame, secretly taught her all he knew.

Her father worked the fields while her mother took care of her four brothers and three sisters at the cothold. Jaisa is the third child born but the oldest female. She had a normal upbringing until Thread decimated the fields near her cothold when she was 18-Turns-old. The family was split up because her parents were unable to care for them all.

Jaisa was sent to her uncle at Dolphin Cove Weyr who was a beastcrafter to have more opportunity to study farmcrafting. She resented Thread for splitting up her family but chose to embrace the change in lifestyle. Life moved on and she progressed from starting seedlings to being one of the farmers working the gardens for the Weyr.

She'd had several relationships over the Turns but never settled on anyone specific even if her parents urged her to marry and have children. Jaisa was too busy with her plants to care about settling down.

With the knowledge of a new Weyrhold being created, she applied for a transfer to help the new location grow their own food. After all, it got expensive bringing food in all the time and she was certain the Headwoman, or whoever was in charge at the time, would want to save marks for more important items.

Family and Friends
Jame, 59, Sr. Journeyman Farmer (Father)
Laisi, 54, Cotholder (Mother)
Jausyn, 55, Sr. Journeyman Beastcrafter (Uncle)

Approved: June 7th 2019
Last updated: June 7th 2019

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