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Persona Profile: Kaitien

Writer: Emma

Name: Kaitien
Age: 20
Birthday: m3 d9
Rank: Weyr Resident
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Headwoman's staff

Physical Description of Persona:
Slightly taller than the average Pernese woman, she's
a match for X'ian. Her brown hair gains reddish streaks in the summer sun,
and she tries to dress it to take advantage of that fact, considering it one
of her best features. Her brown eyes are also noticeable, along with her
smile. But you need to look closely to see if it is genuine.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Kaitien could be considered an accomplished actress,
as she is able to give people the impression that she is many things. To
X'ian, a loving fiancée, to her father a biddable girl to show off to
potential suitors, living up to the image he wants her to have as a good
cook and future mother. The reality is she has a sharp mind and knows how to
use it, she accepts that yes, marriage is in her future, but it has to be to
someone who can give her the status she craves. So she's not afraid to
manipulate the men around her to try and get that. She wants to be in
charge, and will take almost any chance to get there.

History of Persona:
The small hold where Kaitien was born to Altien and Nikati didn't
know what had hid it when she was born. A much wanted daughter born after
three sons. First Nikati spoiled her rotten, pleased to have a little girl
to dress and teach, then when her father realized quite how much of a beauty
she was going to be, he wasted no time at all in teaching her that she
deserved nothing but the best, and to get that she would have to aim high.

Altien's idea of aiming high wasn't quite the same as Kaitien's though.
She'd seen her friends start to enter the marriage market and end up
settling for men with few prospects. Her mother urged her to use what she
had, and with that in mind, she started to cut a swathe through the hold's
eligible men, when her eyes fell on a young journeyman healer, who rumour
had it was related to the local blood, and had every potential to become a
Master Crafter. So she convinced him that he was the one for her, promising

to marry him, officially becoming betrothed to each other not long after.

Fate had other plans, that young man was taken on search, while he did carry
out his promise to come back for her, it was on the wings of a blue dragon,
not the bronze she'd hoped for. Having found herself in a situation she

wasn't sure of, with her father trying to arrange a marriage for her as he
considered her promise null and void since X'ian left for the Weyr and
impressed, she had managed to find time to 'try' one of those men, and

unbeknownst to
anyone she was carrying that man's child. X'ian's arrival seemed like a
chance to escape, after all, couldn't women do anything they wanted in a
Weyr, and maybe, just maybe she could convince X'ian the babe was arriving

Family and Friends
Altien, 59, Senior Journeyman Beastcrafter (Father)
Nikati, 54, Hold Resident (Mother)
Niken, 30, Journeyman Beastcrafter (Brother)
Katal, 27, Journeyman Beasthealer (Brother)
Takien, 25, Journeyman Beasthealer (Brother)

Approved: February 4th 2014
Last updated: February 4th 2014

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