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Persona Profile: Reeva

Writer: Cymiri

Name: Reeva
Age: 45
Birthday: m1 d27
Rank: Master Crafter
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Herbalist w/interest in diagnostics

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (August 2013)

Physical Description of Persona:
Reeva strikes the viewer as smaller then she is. She *is* on the small side of average, but that's still 'average'. She's neatly built though, with suprising lean wiry muscle. She packs one queen-dragon of a slap too. If you look at her right hand very closely, both the outside fingers are slightly crooked, and you can see the distortion of a scar over the back of her hand if you care to hunt.

As a younger woman, cheekbones both high *and* wide and pitch black hair left her hollow faced; but now life has been lived, with a few lines and a couple of grey hairs, she's turning out to be one of those whom age flavors rather then destroys. Where traditional good looks fail, natural vivacity and fine eyes sometimes bluff convincingly. You won't notice any of that on first meeting though. Reeva owns a disconcerting intensity of stare when she's focused on you and it *will* be the first thing to grip you. Habitual association will eventually reassure you that really it *is* just her and yes, she does everything with the same intensity, but it tends to leave people rattled.

She possess a soft, fluffy curl that escapes all attempts to hold it, and usually defaults to a frizzy halo surrounding whatever she tries. Unbound, it falls to her waist, her one true vanity.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Reeva is naturally calm and stately and it takes a great deal to disarrange her. It can be mistaken for gruffness, and she does have a biting acidic edge to offer those who push her. She offers respect and praise where its due- and expects it back. She doesn't mince words but she never yells. Reeva is not at home to your inner child's tantrums. Its quite hard to have an actual argument with her as she simply doesn't argue back.

Reeva may look delicate but she has little delicacy of being. She will call a boil a boil, and will discuss it with you with full frankness if its required. Either in her nice private office when she requests or the dining hall if you avoid her. She doesn't whisper demurely either. She's a private soul, though she expects patient honesty. Underneath the discretion, she is a ribald joker, a firm believer in the value of a passionate, healthy and vigorous sex life for all [and herself very much in particular], and hides a passion for vigorous pursuits. Reeva is *intense* by nature, see, however stable her personality may be, and it has made her a dedicated and talented healer and a workaholic.

Reeva will never care what quirk works for you as long as it is functional and healthy. She'll follow you if she thinks you know better, and expects to be followed if the situation is reversed. Her nature is intrinsically fair, she neither lies nor disassembles. Don't believe driven workaholics and ambitious women are the antithesis of maternal. Reeva's not a soft mother, she's an absolute matriarch-but her sons are no less certain that their mother is their first, best ally. She's active and fit, *requiring* something to direct her energies at. Most of all, her mind needs activity. If she starts humming under her breath its a sure sign she's twitching with boredom. As she has both an abysmal singing voice and a remarkable vocabulary for the vulgar if she chooses to use it, its usually best to keep her occupied.

One plus of being assigned this healer is that she usually had *good* medicines. No one dares fob off a skilled herbalist- with a notorious slap- with inferior produce, and she likes experimenting. Her own over-achieving nature and her passion for finding safer, kinder, more effective, just *better* tends to make them *good* experiments.
She's a fair hand- after her own disastrous second pregnancy- with pregnancy ailments and other women's business though detests being defined by that.

History of Persona:
Reeva is not from tolerant Weyr stock- she was born and bred a good holder girl in Sunstone Seahold. It stung her pride that she could never join the family craft. She also desperately wanted access to the minds and the hides and the *stimulus* her three brothers had.

At 15, she was parceled off in marriage [and parental exasperation] to a man who should have been far too old for her. Hespasian had been a traveling healer before he 'finally settled' [read: discovered he was ill] at the backwater hold that was her new home. He wanted a quiet girl to tend the hearth and bring his newly fading turns peace. Reeva, though, brought into his life exactly the vitality that had been slowly bled out of him.

Nurturing his eager young wife became his pet project, a small rebellion against a system that exasperated him as much as it trapped her. Reeva honestly didn't want an official title. She just wanted to *know*. In her eighteenth turn, she added the most unexpected joy to their oddly functional little family- her first and eldest boy.

It was ultimately doomed, of course. They never pretended it wasn't. Hispasian is partly why Reeva lives her life packed to the seams- she's well aware of how unfairly cut short it can be. But they were truly happy.

Halfway home on a walk in her nineteenth turn, she was suddenly accosted, resulting in the mangled fingers. But that wasn't the seminal experience Reeva had that evening. *That* was the shocking realisation, in the midst of the treatment she walked into [and was *almost* requested to assist with by her husband] that theoretically, and in the opinions of many of the very people they dealt with daily it would have been more acceptable for the young man to die right then then be salvaged by the wrong person.

It was an inane little moment. Not worthy of being an 'incident', but it has burnt itself into Reeva with an intensity that's never faded.

Because it wouldn't have stopped her either. All that did keep her on the spot was the fact she could do nothing with the hand she most needed.

The man lived, but inside Reeva, something more dangerous then a finger had been broken. Her willingness to be shamed for her skills was dead. At barely twenty she was soon a widow, and one with no more tolerance for playing nice. A good man had liked her crafting just fine. The rest of them could deal with it.

She went where all weird women went- the Weyr. Presenting herself with not one knot to her name and answering all protestations with a coolly confident, 'Test me, then.' Hispasian's informal apprenticeship had been a good one. Fourteen turns later, they even offered her Master's knots.

Along the way, she gained her other precious baby and a terrible labor to offest the first. She also acquired the lad's father and seems to have failed to lose him again- though with this disparate pair, its really anyone's guess. Reevan is patently Iovan's child but it is far from obvious what exactly that makes either of his parents.

Family and Friends
Eioval, 34, Senior Journeyman Harper, Dolphin Cove Weyr (Reevan's father)
Rispan, 27, Journeyman Healer (Son)
Reevan, 13, Child (Son)

Approved: June 18th 2013
Last updated: July 5th 2017

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