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Persona Profile: B'jon

Writer: Paula

Name: B'jon
Age: 21
Birthday: m9 d8
Rank: Wingrider, Cyclone Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr

Physical Description of Persona:
Bedjon is about 5'9'' tall and slender. He has curling brown hair and brown eyes. He has heart-shaped face with delicate features, which make him both look younger than he is and extremely cute/adorable. His skin is tanned to a deep bronze-shade.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Bedjon is friendly, gentle natured and even tempered. He's also smart and confident and at ease with himself. He's bit of a heartbreaker; he falls in love easily and passionately, but after the first few months, his feelings cool down and he starts to look around again. He's not learned to break-up gracefully yet, so he ends up unintentionally hurting people. He tries to avoid that and then everything gets tangled.
Bedjon has always been good at handling animals and once dreamed about becoming a beastcrafter.

History of Persona:
Bedjon was born as a middle child for cotholder Aldjon and his wife Besenna. He has two older brothers, older sister and three younger siblings. Bedjon was a good natured baby that grew up to a good natured boy. His childhood was ordinary. He liked working with the farm's herdbeasts and runners. He wanted to become a beastcrafter, but Aldjon couldn't afford his son's apprenticeship, so Bedjon had to settle to working in the cothold with the animals. Their life wasn't always easy and marks were in tight, but the family is close knit and loving. In his teens Bedjon started to realize he was different somehow, when he followed his brothers and sister found their mates and marry. He found out how different recently, when his father hired young man named Krisjic to help with the harvest. Bedjon fall in love and he entered a secret love-affair with Krisjic. However, after first few passionate monts, Bedjon started to realize that Krisjic really wasn't very nice person and he broke up the relationship.

Family and Friends
Aldjon, 47, Cotholder (father)
Besenna, 44, Hold resident (mother )
Aldsen, 26, Hold resident (brother)
Aldenna, 24, Hold resident (sister)
Beald, 23, Hold resident (brother)
Bealda, 19, Hold resident (sister)
Albes, 16, Hold brat (brother)
Jonsen, 14, Hold brat (brother)

Dragon's Name: Denenth
Dragon's Age: 4
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m3 d17
Description of Dragon:
Denenth is medium sized. She is mostly pine green with slightly lighter shade of forest green in the belly and under wings. She’s friendly and social, flirty and light-hearted, a rather typical green dragon. She agile in the air and true with her aim when flaming. She’s shown some aptitude to become a Search dragon.

Approved: March 1st 2013
Last updated: July 8th 2017

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