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Persona Profile: Ciendra

Writer: Paula

Name: Ciendra
Age: 18
Birthday: m6 d17
Rank: Wingrider, Hurricane Wing
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Kitchen worker

Physical Description of Persona:
Slim and of average height, Ciendra is pretty young woman with long, dark brown, almost black hair and nut-brown eyes. She has some freckles on her nose and dimples when she smiles. Her nose is straight and narrow. She could use some more flesh around her bones.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Basically Ciendra is sweet and good natured girl that recent hardships has turned shy, timid and uncertain of herself. She is hardworking and has gentle, persistent strength in her. She yearns for love and acceptance and can be bit clinging from time to time. Living in Weyr has given her boost in confidence. She's also bit of a daydreamer and romantic.

History of Persona:
Born in Red Rush hold beholden to Emerald Falls hold, she was first child to a young couple Cienon and Drasie. Her father was a potter and mother worked at the kitchens. Her earliest childhood was normal hold brat's childhood, except she didn't get any siblings. Healers found no explanation, for Drasie's pregnancy with Ciendra had been easy one.
Ciendra's parents were killed in a fire that destroyed Red Rush hold. Ciendra herself had been outside when it happened and didn't get a scratch. During the aftermath of the fire, Ciendra was sent to live with her maternal aunt in Green Valley hold. Aunt Dramile turned out be bitter spinster. She didn't like having a her around and made it know. She complained about everything Ciendra did and was downright abusive from time to time. She turned the girl's life misery. She also put Ciendra to work at the hold's kitchen. Ciendra didn't mind the actual work, just the long days she did.

Her life did take a turn for better when Search dragon picked her out and she could leave Green Valley. She found herself a place in the Weyr's kitchen and was almost happy...the only thing that was missing was a dragon. After a Turn in Weyr and few Hatchings later, she did find her lifemate from Riyanth's Clutch.

Family and Friends
Dramile, 39, Hold resident, EFH-GV (aunt)

Dragon's Name: Lialeth
Dragon's Age: 3
Dragon's Colour: Green
Next Mating Flight: m3 d3
Description of Dragon:
Lialeth is medium sized, dark spruce-green dragon. Her colour lightens towards the belly and deepens to nearly black on the neck- and back ridges. Her wings are wider than normal with large wingsails. This makes her look bit unbalanced. Emotionally she's friendly, curious and levelheaded. She's no-nonsense type and doesn't always understand her riders tendency to daydream.

Approved: February 1st 2013
Last updated: August 26th 2016

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