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Persona Profile: Puwul

Writer: Paula

Name: Puwul
Age: 79
Birthday: m11 d12
Rank: Hall Resident
Location: Vintner Hall, Amber Hills Hold
Job: Tavern Master
Craft: Seacrafter
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman

Physical Description of Persona:
: Puwul is exactly six feet tall and muscular, with broad shoulders, thick arms and large hands, although age and comfortable living has given him a belly. His hair is snow white, and long enough to be tied to a short tail in neck. His eyes are dark brown, nose has been broken several times and he wears gold rings in both of his ears. His skin is dark brown and face full of lines and cracks. His voice is deep and loud, kind of to be heard over roaring storm.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Outside Puwul is jovial company, compassionate listener and caring husband. Beneath lays ruthless pirate captain and shrewd business man. He lives by his own code of honour. If Puwul feels he's been slighted, he doesn't forgive, he revenges. He carries grudges for a long time. He lies, kills and cheats without remorse but never without reason. But he is also fiercely loyal for those few that have earned his true friendship or who he loves.

Age has mellowed him and made him appreaciate homely comforts but he is still a man not to cross.

History of Persona:
Puwul was born in seahold near Topaz Sea Hold. His family had been involved in smuggling or piracy for generations. He was eldest child. When he reached the age, he was sent to seacraft hall for apprenticeship. His parents wished him to become an honest sailor and not to follow the family's traditions.

Puwul married his childhood sweetheart, Zyoda, as soon as he reached the age and had walked the table. They had five children together. Puwul felt that the journeyman's earnings weren't enough to feed his growing family and he resorted to the less legit side of seacrafting. Plague that raged across the Southern Pern killed Zyoda and two of their children, and something inside Puwul died too. He became fully immersed in piracy and smuggling business.

He got later married again with woman named Mavra and they had four children. During the following Turns, Puwul lost his crafter knots and spent few Turns in prison mines. When he went to prison, Mavra left him and dissolved their marriage, disappearing from his life with their children. Ten turns later Puwul was captain of the notorious pirate ship, Dark Storm. He married young woman named Waenue. She gave him one son Puwaen, and died while giving birth to their second, stillborn son.

When Puwul turned 65, he decided it was time to retire from pirate's life and leave the Pern's oceans to the younger ones. Retirement became soon boring and he started to look around for something to do. That's when he met Helere. Recently widowed, her husband had left her badly managed, indebted tavern that was about to go busted. Puwul made her offer. He would take over the tavern's management and made it profitable again and she wouldn't ask any questions of how he did it. Helere agreed to it and the tavern was reopened. Puwul made it very popular among seacrafters, pirates, smugglers, gamblers and thrill seekers. Three turns later Puwul and Helere got married. After a while dissatisfaction started to grow in his life. Puwul was growing tired of watching people drink themselves senseless every night, Helere, who is excellent cook, felt her skills were wasted and Helere's daughter was worried she would never get married well, if she kept working in that tavern. They all felt they needed to turn the course of their life. So, first time in his life, Puwul found himself lookig for honest and respectful work to do. They left that tavern to Helere's oldest son.

Family and Friends
Helere, 71, Cook (wife)
Puwaen, 27, Tavern Worker (son)
Helisse, 23, Tavern worker (step-daughter)

Approved: May 3rd 2010
Last updated: April 1st 2024

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