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Puwul's Stories (1 - 20, most recent first)

I'm Not Going Back
L'keri continues his search for Arten at Puwul's tavern
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: L'keri, Puwul, Arten

A Little Thief (1/2)
Arten tries to steal food from Puwul's tavern...
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Arten, Helere

A Little Thief (2/2)
Puwul offers Arten an job at the tavern
Writers: Estelle, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Arten

AAH-VH: A Quiet Night
Capwick stops by the tavern for a drink and a chat with Puwul.
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Capwick

Time to Shine
Capwick goes to make arrangements with Puwul for the Gather...
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Capwick, Puwul

When Things Were Better
Lanniya remembers some pleasantries before she went /between/
Writers: Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: K'ale, Lanniya, Puwul

Interesting Prospect
A simple delivery leads to an opportunity.
Writers: Paula, Tyr
Characters: Puwul, Symion

Keep it coming!
Rayan wants to keep the wine flowing.
Writers: Jelena, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Rayan

Drunken Stupor
Chupsin gets drunk and his sister and friend come to rescue him.
Writers: Chelle, Heather, Paula
Characters: Chupsin, Puwul, Chaysea, Keayd

Party Like a Goldstar
A party is held at the tavern in the Weyrwoman’s honor.
Writers: AL, Ames, Devin, Chelle, Emma, Len, Miriah, Paula, Suzee
Characters: Rhosyn, Lenala, K'sedel, Ciara, Z'an, N'vanik, R'enh, A'shel, Y'gel, Briata, Gelira, Puwul

Plans For the Next Turn
Fayazel checks in with his tavern master after Turns End...
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Fayazel, Gelb

You Should Act Properly
Puwul and Shyow discuss Tavern matters
Writers: Ames, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Shyow

Lending A Hand
Arzel gives Puwul a hand.
Writers: Arale, Paula
Characters: Arzel, Puwul

Shelter from the Storm
Two people seek each other out on the eve of a blizzard.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: D'ale, Yanley, Puwul

Evening at the Tavern
D'ale visits the Tavern for a little break.
Writers: Paula, Suzee
Characters: D'ale, Yanley, Puwul

Not The Same
Zathris makes his first visit to the Tavern after Zandreu leaves.
Writers: AL, Paula
Characters: Zathris, Puwul

Black Beaches
Fayazel spends an evening in Puwul's company
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Fayazel, Puwul

Interesting People
Fayazel makes a new friend in the Hall's tavern
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Fayazel, Puwul, Sh'lua

To make it Success
The new Tavern master and Hallsecond plot to make the tavern succeed.
Writers: Eimi, Paula
Characters: Puwul, Fayazel

A Place you could be proud of
The Vintner Hall's tavern's new manager, Puwul, arrives with his family.
Writers: Paula
Characters: Puwul, Helere, Helisse, Puwean

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