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Sneakiest Bronze on Pern
Avicath demonstrates his sneaking in-abilities
Writers: Shawna, Sia
Characters: N'kevyn, Aydhan

A Little Odd
Lenorin helps Inyara find the dining hall and they have breakfast.
Writers: Curious, Francesca
Characters: Inyara, L'rin

Kaede worms a promise out of Islyn.
Writers: Curious
Characters: Islyn, Kaede

Dryvan transfers to Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Writers: Curious
Characters: Dryvan, Inyara

Ketlyn starts figuring out what it means to be a dragonrider.
Writers: Yvonne
Characters: Ketlyn

Apologies for Bad Manners
N'kevyn attempts to recover from a bad first impression
Writers: Len, Shawna
Characters: N'kevyn, G'wen

Home is Where the Heart Is
G'weld and Raush arrive at their new home!
Writers: Steel, Aaron
Characters: Raush, G'weld

Blueriders Can Do Anything
R'lor tells R'ayl about his promotion
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: R'lor, R'ayl

Fit to Stand?
The Weyrlingmasters try to figure out how to handle C’pier and some of the other more troubling candidates and weyrlings.
Writers: Devin, Len, Suzee
Characters: R'lor, J'lor, Sh'del

Fitness Montage (1/2)
Avicath’s fitness program crashes Aydhan's meeting with G'wen
Writers: Len, Shawna, Sia
Characters: Aydhan, N'kevyn, G'wen

Learning by Doing
J’ler doesn’t want to pass up the opportunity to have help washing and oiling Maishoth.
Writers: Aaron, Sia
Characters: Ekirim, J'ler

Lost in the Tunnels
N'kdayden and Aydhara get lost in the Lower Caverns. Thankfully, Ketlyn is here to help.
Writers: Yvonne, Sia, Heather
Characters: Ketlyn, Aydhara, N'kayden

Among Those Suited
M'trel has a chance to chat with S'kand about leadership
Writers: Aaron, Halyonix
Characters: S'kand, M'trel

The Greens and the Blues
M'thos and T'mhas laugh at their children (fondly)
Writers: Iluva, Sia
Characters: M'thos, T'mhas

Brace Yourself
M'yvak brings Aedris to the Weyr but is unprepared for Aedris's reaction to the Weyr. M'thos's help is needed.
Writers: Heather, Sia
Characters: M'yvak, Aedris, M'thos

The Best Boy
Aydhan and N'kevyn meet N'kdayden's best boy, Aberath
Writers: Heather, Shawna, Sia
Characters: N'kevyn, Aydhan, N'kayden

A Brief Reunion
Gil gets a visit from his wife
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: Calenta, Gil, U'varr

Avoiding the Suitors
Saibra and Chioneth want a little break from the suitors of Dragonsfall
Writers: Heather, Suzee
Characters: R'enh, Saibra

Fear of Resentment (1/2)
R'lor and Sh'del discuss the change in their roles.
Writers: Devin, Len
Characters: R'lor, Sh'del

Fear of Resentment (2/2)
R'lor and Sh'del discuss the change in their roles.
Writers: Devin, Len
Characters: R'lor, Sh'del

Klah Delivery Boy
Delivering klah and coming up with questions!
Writers: Halyonix
Characters: O'dyn, M'trel

Punitive Therapy
Ç'pier reflects on his first session with his mind healer before his most recent one.
Writers: Aaron, Sia
Characters: Ç'pier, E'tariax

Let It Burn (2/2)
N'vanik confronts the man who murdered the watchrider.
Writers: Devin, Curious, Aaron
Characters: Oriel, N'vanik, Enval

Like in the Harper Ballads
Obrosin has his candidate interview with the Weyrlingmaster
Writers: Devin, Sia
Characters: O'rosin, R'lor

Pound of Flesh
Ay'ell plots his revenge. Or, as he considers it, the repayment of a massive debt.
Writers: Curious
Characters: Ay'ell

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