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Persona: Dolphin Hall
Posting: Amber Hills Hold


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Triad Weyrs - Stories (1 - 25, most recent first)

Worst Gossip in the Weyr
Kamalia and K'mai chat after drills.
Writers: Devin, Francesca
Characters: Kamalia, K'mai

Dye Lots (4)
Brennault has discovered a bit of subterfuge on his father's part.
Writers: Aaron, Heather
Characters: Brennault, Zavek

I Got You
Reyala helps out a confused Furayl in Candidate class
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Furayl, Reyela

Rumor Retaliation
Enali ensures that Alina overhears something that she shouldn't, and Alina retaliates in her own way
Writers: Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Alina, Enali, Wirrame, Namila

Partay and Harki's
Writers: Yvonne, Miriah, Estelle
Characters: Rorela, Harki, H'run, L'keri, Ma'din

A Problem with Up
Olov and Lusilk are interrupted while sparring
Writers: Estelle, Miriah, Yvonne
Characters: Olov, Lusilk, Jothi

I'll Never Be Safe
Lorican confronts Lusilk about her activities
Writers: Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Lusilk, Lorican, Silgan

You Ought to Know
Lorican hears a worrying tale about his wife
Writers: Estelle
Characters: Lorican, Jothi

Oh no no no no....
Ninaine does not react well when Orifa Impresses Were: DFW
Writers: Miriah
Characters: Ninaine, Orifa

Letters to Ma
Timassa asks her mother to come by way of a special courier
Writers: Devin, Miriah, Suzee
Characters: Timassa, D'hol, Sockita, Sockita

Tangled Twine
K'mai meets Orifa, one of the new Candidates
Writers: Devin, Miriah
Characters: K'mai, Orifa

A Simple Request
Lorican has a request to make of the Lord Holder
Writers: Estelle, Suzee
Characters: Lorican, Bryvin

The Quest Nears Completion
Brennault returns to Sunstone with an armful of sword materials.
Writers: Aaron, Estelle, Miriah
Characters: Brennault, Lorican, Lusilk, Wirnan

Lives Could Be At Stake
Jerlaron reports to Jayala about some troubling activity in the Hold
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Jayala, Jerlaron

A Curious Situation
M'gan tells N'vanik his suspicions about the starsmith
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: M'gan, N'vanik

Absolutley Delightful
H'run congratulates Ashela on her Hatching
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Ashela, H'run

Be Nice
N'vanik congratulates R'enh on the Hatching, but isn't so pleased to meet Ashela...
Writers: Devin, Estelle, Suzee
Characters: N'vanik, R'enh, Ashela

Final Night Together
Chalzie and Arrilon spend the night together before Arrilon leaves.
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Chalzie

New Experiences
Arrilon arrives at the Harper Hall and meets with Jayala
Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Characters: Arrilon, Jayala

This Is Who I Am
Arrilon tells Chalzie about his upcoming move.
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Chalzie, Arrilon

I'll Be the Best
R'lor meets Aviday and gets a taste of her personality.
Writers: Devin, Miriah
Characters: R'lor, Aviday

A Good Eye for Color
Furayl helps Talryne choose colors for a tapestry and discovers who her weyrmate is...
Writers: Devin, Estelle
Characters: Talryne, Furayl

A Letter from the Hall
Arrilon receives a letter from the Harper Hall
Writers: Francesca
Characters: Arrilon

A Whole Dragon
Gienah congratulates R'hil on his Impression of Dath
Writers: Estelle, Yvonne
Characters: Gienah, R'hil

Adjusting to the Heat
R'lor meets up with his acquaintance S'kand and asks for advice on adjusting to Dolphin Cove.
Writers: Aaron, Devin
Characters: R'lor, S'kand

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