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Persona Profile: J'nev

Writer: Eimi

Name: J'nev
Age: 24
Birthday: m4 d16
Rank: Wingrider, Cyan Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (December 2010)
Crayon Awards: Favorite Villain(ess) (September 2010)

Physical Description of Persona:
No more than average height, J'nev is broad of shoulder and rather stocky. His dark hair is kept short enough that it will not fall into his light brown eyes. There is no mistaking the resemblence between himself and his bluerider father, D'nev. Not only do they share their height and coloring, but also the smile is a dead give away.

Emotional Description of Persona:
J'nev had always been a steady person. He had
grown up fast, feeling that it was his duty to be the man of the house while his father was away. Even as a young boy, he could understand the loneliness his mother felt while his father was at the Weyr, and he wanted to do anything to please her. He also is very protective of his two sisters, though very loving towards them.

Though he once idiolized his father, that image of him was shaken to its core and J'nev tried to deal with the pain and loneliness he felt at the Weyr in all the wrong ways. Though he shows promise as a leader, and extreme concern for his half-sister and her son, he still carries a lot of anger and bitterness towards the father and Weyr that in his mind failed him.

History of Persona:
Jianev was born in Muddy River Hold. His family situation was rather unique. They had been told that D'nev and Jiasara had been married before they both had been sent to the Weyr on a temporary assignment. While there his father had been asked to Stand at a Hatching to fill out the ranks and had felt obligated to do so. To their surprise, he had Impressed, thereby dissolving their marriage.

Not wanting to sever their bond, but also not wanting to raise a family in a Weyr, they looked for a Hold that would accept them despite their
unique situation and be supportive of the family. Muddy River, desperately in need of a technician, was only too happy to take in Jiasara and the children she bore over the turns and is very welcoming of the bluerider who has always been commited to his family.

Jianev had grown up happily in their small Hold. His father, D'nev, obviously could not spend as much time with his family as they had liked, but they accepted it as a sacrifice he had made for the sake of Pern. Jianev had grown up proud of his father and was not afraid to take on any boy who dared make insinuations about the fact he rode a blue. He idolized his father, wanting to be everything he was - a family man, a technician, and later a dragonrider. His need for adventure and to make his family proud lead him to make a decision in his seventeenth turn - to leave the Technician Hall to make his way to the Weyr and Stand at the Hatching there.

But after Impressing his beautiful Ankioth he learned a painful truth - everything his father and mother had told them was a lie. His parents
had never been married. In fact, he had been married to another. His parents had carried on an affair in secret even while D'nev lived with
his real wife in the Weyr. His father had a daughter in the Weyr, who just so happens to be the Weyrwoman Second, Teseada. Now L'nev doesn't
know what to believe about his father, his mother, the Weyr, even his place in the world. His foundation was shaken to the core, and
he found himself starting a new life in a strange new place and the only one he felt he could count on was himself and his dragon. Now his half-sister Teseada can be included in that small circle, but as of yet, she is the only person at the Weyr J'nev can truly trust or care for.

Family and Friends
D'nev, 47, Wingrider, Azure Wing, Dragonsfall Weyr (Father)
Teseada, 24, Weyrwoman's Second, Barrier Lake Weyrhold (Half-Sister)
Jiasara, 46, Sr. Jr. Technician/Hold Resident (Mother)
Danara, 25, Hold Resident (Sister)
Nevra, 19, Hold Resident (Sister)

Dragon's Name: Ankioth
Dragon's Age: 6
Dragon's Colour: Bronze
Description of Dragon:
He is a very brassy bronze and he promises to grow to an above average size, though 'big' might be reaching a bit. As a Hatching, he has had to grow up a bit fast in his thinking due to the painful turn of events in his boy's life. He has become a source of comfort and stability for J'nev, a heavy responsibility for one so young, though his lifemate tries his best to shield him from his darker thoughts. Ankioth has found that sometimes his antics bring happiness to his rider, so from time to time he just lets go and acts his true age, much to J'nev's delight.

Approved: November 20th 2008
Last updated: June 12th 2017

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