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Persona Profile: Chalzie

Writer: Francesca

Name: Chalzie
Age: 20
Birthday: m3 d5
Rank: Senior Apprentice Dolphineer
Location: Dolphin Hall, Dolphin Cove Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Senior Apprentice

Crayon Awards: Favorite New Female Persona (November 2007)

Physical Description of Persona:
Chalzie is about 5’ 6” and athletically built, with wavy dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her skin has an olive tone and tans very easily, and her eyes are light brown with green flecks when enough light shines on them. She can usually be found wearing comfortable, loose clothing and sturdy sandals.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Chalzie is outgoing, friendly, and at times a bit nosy. She likes to think she knows a lot about the world, especially since she spent Turns at the Weyr with dragons, and now Turns at the Hall with dolphins. She loves to talk but is also a good listener, and her fostermother often gave her the task of distracting or cheering up other children when they cried. She is quick to make acquaintances and likes meeting new people, but has few very close friends.

History of Persona:
Chalzie grew up at Dolphin Cove Weyr. She was a typical weyrbrat, the son of a greenrider and a brownrider. Both died in Threadfall, but their deaths didn’t affect the girl. She was raised by Ivorwen, a fostermother, then became a Candidate at the age of 12. A hurricane, as well as standing at several Hatchings and failing to Impress, made Chalzie rethink being a Candidate and living at the Weyr. At 13, she became an apprentice dolphineer and, while it took some time for her to build up her her strength and endurance in the water, she is now up to the level of the rest of her peers. At 17, she was promoted to senior apprentice.

Family and Friends
Ivorwen, 52, Fostermother (Fostermother)

Approved: August 12th 2007
Last updated: April 6th 2019

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