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Persona Profile: Uetia

Writer: Paula

Name: Uetia
Age: 26
Birthday: m2 d17
Rank: Wingthird, Cobalt Wing
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Dolphineer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Face Claim: Gwendoline Christie

Crayon Awards: Favorite Female Persona (July 2016)

Physical Description of Persona:
Uetia is a large woman, six feet and inch tall, broad shouldered, solidly built and muscular. She has shoulder length blond hair that sun and sea water has bleached to almost white. Her eyes are storm-grey and nose is aquiline. Her strong, angular face makes rather unattractive, and she knows it. Her skin is tanned to bronze-brown.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Uetia is honest, straightforward, even boisterous. She shows all her emotions without restrains. She's straight forward and blunt to the point of being offensive. But if you get past that, she's warm hearted, generous and friendly person. Uetia was raised by her father and brothers and often acts like "one of the guys". She's totally at loss when it comes to all things feminine. When it comes to sexuality, she isn't completely innocent, but because of her less than pretty looks, she can't exactly boast with her experiences. Her size makes her almost impossible to bully or intimidate or force into anything she doesn't like to do. She knows how to defend herself and can drink smaller men under table.

History of Persona:
Uetia was born in a seahold in Far Island. Her father's a fishcrafter and she was their seventh child and first daughter. Uetia's mother Uedelle was youngest child of her family and had relatives in the weyrhold.
Uetia lost her mother when she was around four or five. She died in childbed with the still-born second daughter. Widowed Tiegot had no idea how to raise a daughter, so he treated her like he treated his sons. He was demanding yet fair and reasonable father. Uetia learned to swim and sail from early age on. She wanted to become a seacrafter like her father and brothers, but the seacraft hall didn't accept females. So she went to dolphin hall, dolphineering being the second choice and having almost same classes. One of her brother was searched and Gotdel impressed a blue, becoming G'el. But Uetia had just left for the hall and missed the Search.
The physical changes that came with teenage were hard ones to Uetia. She had no idea what was happening to her body. Fortunately she met elderly lady who recognized her troubles and was able to help her to adjust to it. She also taught the young apprentice Uetia all, what she needed to know about being woman.
Uetia walked the tables right on time, she had a promising career ahead of her. Then she was assigned to ship called Crest Tide. The captain was sleazy jerk that had only one use for a female dolphineer on board and that included laying on back and spreading legs. Uetia was able to fend off his advances but the stress was getting to her nerves. So, when Crest Tide stopped at River Bluff Weyr, Uetia looked up her uncle U'das who was wing-leader there and changed the whole course of her life drastically. She got Searched and Impressed green Sirjath. After Graduation to Fighting Wings, she met Sabonus, who's candidate and ship's carpenter. They become lovers and then weyrmates. Sabonus, being seacrafter, still takes ship assignments, being away from her for months in time. Then Uetia became pregnant and Sabonus was lost at the Sea, presumedly sunken in a storm.
Uetia was pregnant by that time. Her daughter Sabia was born 6 th day of month 1, Turn 8. She's not certain who the father is though...

Family and Friends
U'das, 68, Weyrlingstaff Assistant, River Bluff Weyr (uncle)
Sabonus, 25, Candidate, River Bluff Weyr (weyrmate)
Uegot, 36, Senior Journeyman Seacrafter, Sunstone Seahold (brother)
Ueltin, 30, Senior Journeyman Harper, Harper Hall, Emerald Falls Hold (brother)
U'fouinn, 29, Wingrider, Rapids Wing, Dolphin Cove Weyr (cousin)
Tiegot, 65, Master fishcrafter (father)
Tiuen, 28, Journeyman seacrafter (brother)
G'el, 32, Dragonrider (brother)
Sabia, 3, Weyrbrat (daughter)

Dragon's Name: Sirjath
Dragon's Age: 6
Dragon's Colour: Green
Description of Dragon:
Sirjath is medium sized for a green dragon with wings that are unusually large for her size. It makes her very clumsy on the ground, but in the air she's stronger and faster than the average green. Her hide's colour is dark olive green with lighter green belly-side.

Sirjath has a knack of falling asleep on the spot, without any warning. Expect this drowsiness, she's very typical personality for a green. That is flirty, social and not too bright.

Approved: October 19th 2007
Last updated: June 16th 2019

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